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The way i see it

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Spoiler, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Spoiler

    Spoiler Newbie

    Sep 26, 2013
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    Hello ,

    I joined this forum beceause i wanted to know more about IM by now i have read and learned alot of stuff.
    Recently i have decided to take action and *try* to earn my first money using PPD methods. Yes trying the problem is at first i didn't want to try to many methods at a time but it seems like it's to hard for a starter to earn some money with PPD considering it involves alot of fake files generators/cheats etc. I think it makes it harder for you to rank as a starter with all the people trying the same thing. I whas wondering if it wouldn't be better if i left PPD and start with PPC or CPA. Which i have very limited information about beceause i whas mainly focusing on PPD, I'm not sure but i think its more noob friendly? My question to you guys what would you do move to PPC Or CPA or stick with PPD and try to make something out of it? I don't want to fail but i do wanna feel how it is to be earning your first money online even tough its a small amount!

  2. clovers

    clovers Junior Member

    Sep 9, 2012
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    If you move around from one project to the next without out focusing you will notice that not only will it be hard to be successful but you could possibly lose a lot of money along the way. Pick a project and stick to it. Test and read up on the methods in this forum to help make your project succeed.
  3. MrCreeper

    MrCreeper Junior Member

    Jul 22, 2013
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    Sounds like you have a self esteem problem that's getting in the way of your success. Just stick with PPD if thats what your starting at. It doesn't really matter if it's noob friendly or not.

    You just need to trust yourself.