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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by aboka, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Hi! This is a very basic question, but I could not find any article explaining and teach us the correct way to it. The question is like this - How do we format the url of a backlink? We could access some website/or Page with few format like below:-

    *with 'www' prefix or without 'www' prefix
    *with 'http/https' prefix or without 'http/https' prefix
    *with '/' at the end or without '/' at the end

    All of them is working and will lead the user to the intend page. But which format should we use for Backlinking? Is it the one shown on the browser address bar when the page is showing or any of the format is ok?

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    You want to make sure you are using the http:// and when it comes to the www, you can either use it or not. I have never seen an issue with either method of the www.
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    If they all redirect to the same url, I would use them all. It looks more natural in the eyes of google.
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    Here is what I just notice..

    First of all you must use the http:// when we are talking about the link, when you use your domain as anchor that is something different.

    And about www. and not www. I just notice a few days that the numbers of backlinks in WMT is higher for the NO www then for the www in onw of my website (a new one), I go to ahref and there I get the same situation... I take a look over the link building campaign log and I notice that indeed I used the NON WWW format many more times then the www. That been said I must say that the non www it have redirect.

    Now I go on a second website where I know for sure that I build many more backlinks pointing to the www that to the NON WWW and I go true the same routin... log/ WMT/href and the same result in the o posit situation... I have more backlinks that point to the WWW format.

    Now I start and take a look in the serp.. and here I get the same result, a normal one I would say.. the first website appear in SERP on most of the kw with the NON WWW, and the second one appear with the WWW format.

    So it is important if you care about what format should rank if not and you have redirect then no matter witch you use but use the same one each time, so almost each time so you will not be spread the amount of links in two because as we can see each have them count it separately.

    Thank you