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    The written word is a beautiful thing, there are few indirect methods of communication that allow you to provoke an emotional response from another human being, with a few lines of text punched out on a plastic keyboard connected to a computer we can make someone else feel happy, sad, angry or excited and more importantly we can inspire someone to take action! That action might be to click on a link or fill out a form, press a button or provide us with feedback. A keyboard in the right hands can be a powerful tool.

    Search engines are a different beast, for years we have been able to churn out written material that is of questionable quality, poorly researched, badly written and grammatically sinful. We depend on writers that do not have the pleasure of having English as their first language to produce written content for us, this has rarely really been a problem because search engines are not people!

    As we all know search engines are growing up, I am increasingly finding it harder to justify using poor quality content, I prefer to produce my own which I know is both readable and well researched, if I must spin my content I do it by hand and read everything to ensure that the quality is maintained. I find that a well written, well spun and well distributed article is indexed quickly and provides me with far more value than the low quality content I have previously purchased. This trend is not going to change anytime soon, search engines want an internet that is populated with content that provides value to its readers, as Internet Marketers we are in the game of providing that content to end users, albeit for our own gain.

    I am starting to think that there is little place for outsourcing cheap content, which is leading me to seriously question the value I place on the production of content. If I am unable to produce quality content myself then I think it might be about time I accept that I have to pay a lot more for it.

    I would be more than interested in hearing any other opinions around this subject matter, what value do you place on your content?
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    Huge value on; on-page content, place pretty high value on the content I post on some of the other big article and social sites but when it comes to all of the other stuff such as low level articles directories and so forth, spun the f'rs...I hate writing articles myself too, I'd rather do the link building myself and outsource the content creation unless its a niche im really into. I used greenlightarticles dot com for most of my content who provide a really quick service and it well written.