THE ULTIMATE THREAD for adult affiliate sites

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by xdomisx, Nov 15, 2016.

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    I am looking to start making money online and decided to promote adult content using a certain method. But as i started searching for good adult affiliate, i stumbled upon so many threads on this forum that i am not sure what to chose.

    I myself, and i am sure others too, would want to find those adult affiliate sites that GIVE NO BS, pay out and do it on time. We will not take a word from someone who just registered and posted his first post like it is in the other threads that are just advertisement for shady new or already known scam affiliates. This is the ultimate thread for the adult affiliates. If you have a good enough post number and reputation on this site, PLEASE tell us what adult affiliate to use. Share this thread with new people who ask the same thing over and over again on this forum, because if you search adult affiliate here, it brings so many results and those results are always different. It is way too hard to know which affiliates are reliable.

    So i hope that everyone finds an affiliate they are looking for on this thread and can count on it to be reliable.