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    Hi guys... So... I know I already did a journey topic but I'll expand things so it deserves a new topic now.
    I'll keep my Youtube channels (I have two and I upload at least 1 total edited video a day)

    The thing is that I'll start a blog as well so I can try my luck there too. I'll post 1 article per week but I can't monetize yet so whatever for now.
    I'll be translating english articles with my own words on this blog on a niche that I like a lot (society, behavior...) and posting the links on a related forum as well
    For my surprise, my first post was clicked 26 times already, without any marketing at all, so that's pretty chill.
    The problem is I don't have the account to post there yet (got banned a few months ago) but I'm working on that.

    So... 2 Youtube channels and 1 blog for now
    And I'll be putting money on the bank when I start working on real life as well (0.5% a month), but I don't know when, so only online stuff to focus now.

    Sorry for the bad english D:

    So far:$1.68
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