The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization In 2016

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    Disclaimer* This is to disclaimer that I am not here to promote any brand or services. This is all about the Information I am sharing :) Keep Enjoy Reading and Share it if you like it!

    To be successful in the mobile app industry today one has to be very effective with the ASO (app store optimization). Just like the search engine optimization one has to be active in the ASO. To do it in a better way there are many tools and techniques that can be used to succeed in this industry. There are many ways that you can succeed in this kind of optimization and get your apps listed first when people search for it.

    What is the reason to carry out App Store Optimization?

    Today it is not jujus the search engines that are to be ranked well with the product that you produce but also the app stores. Today the average cost of installation of the apps from iOS is 2 dollars and is still rising this year. According to the research a single user acquires 1.5 dollars on his mobile. This means a lot for the developers. This is the global average cost of per user, the price in UK, Germany and USA is much higher.
    This is the average for the apps overall, for the games it is even much higher. The cost per installation of the games on the mobile phones is 3 dollars. This means it is even more and the developers need to pay attention to the ad campaigns also.
    The App store is a place where you can get a large source of traffic. A research tells that once an app is installed then that app gets installed over and over again just by the world of mouth. The percentage installation of apps that generated from this view point is 63. Today people search not only the search engines but the app stores also with a lot of different patterns and with a lot of different keywords. This is why the developers need to understand the various patterns and carry out a proper ASO to understand the keywords and get better ranked.

    Should I Be Outsourcing ASO?

    This may not be a very good idea to have the app store optimization outsourced. Today it is just he beginning of it all, so most of the companies that you will see or ask for help may offer only a few suggestions after reviewing your app and change a few things. This is all you may get as of today. You need to understand that just like the SEO; ASO is also a long term project and a continuous project.
    It is recommended to have an ASO course so that when you develop an app you know what to do to make it above the ranks.

    What Are The Key Factors In App Store SEO?

    If you have been carrying out the usual SEO then you may know about the on page and the off page SEO. Both these have a unique way to get the website ranked in the search engines.
    Both these play a vital role in getting the overall SEO campaign to a success. The on page SEO means that there are some elements that need to be changed on the website, the code that you have of HTML, you need to change the content on the keywords or description and title of the web page.
    The other side of SEO that is the off page does not have any control over the website itself but they are the elements that drive the search engines towards the web. These include external links, social media, article submission etc.
    The same is the case with the app store optimization. There are several factors that play an important part in this. The developer bane, the keyword, the name of the app has a direct impact on the search results.
    The App store does not work like search engines to rank the app, similar but in a different way. The app store algorithms may look for user ratings also to rank the app. So the user ratings and number of downloads can work as off page factors for the app.

    What is the role of app name In App Store Optimization?

    A good app name will be surely a great way to attract the users. The app title can also spread easily with the word of mouth. If the app name is attractive and good it will catch the eye of the installer and it will eventually be on every mobile in no time. The search results on the ASO are also directly tied to the app name.
    If you are developing an iOS app the name can be up to 255 characters long. Of course no one uses that long name as it may be very much confusing. Most of the times the average name length is 25 to 35 characters long.
    If the app has the keyword in its title that can be used to search then it has a 10% more chance to be downloaded. This is said by the experts from MobileDevHQ. So inclusion of the keyword on the title can help a lot. This can help boost the rankings of the apps in the app store very much quickly. This helps also when in competition. Surely if the competition does not have the title well you will lead. This pattern of making the apps well ranked is used by Google, Spotify and many others.
    The use of the keyword in the title does not hurt the brand at all. The app store is not as vast and complex as the search engines, so it is never going to hurt at all. People always try and look for the most relevant app and if they find it in the title it will surely be perfect.
    When developing a title, thinking of a title the developers also need to understand that they do not have to use the symbols in the name. It is not advised to put the apps URL there at all.
    The search engines also when list an app, may also be looking for the direct name fist. So, it is always useful not just for the app store itself but also the search engines to rank the app via its name. The name plays a very vital role in the ranking of the app on the search engine.
    If not using the name of the app in the title you can use the words combined with the core app function. What does it do, like if it is a photo app and the name is tweet? Then the app name can be any? It is interesting and also defines what it will do.

    The Keywords in the ASO:

    Just like the keywords are important in the search engine optimization they are important in the ASO. You as a developer need to know the keywords what people use to search for your type of apps or your niche. You need to be sure that you understand if they are looking for games or races or whatever what keywords they will be using to search for that kind of content on the app store. So it is really vital to find the right audience. The keywords are to be searched based on data that are collected after some tests.
    The search engines list and use the keywords differently than the app stores. The app store uses the keyword from the title. It uses the app title and also the name of develop to list the keywords. The keywords are to be unique or they will not work better. The developers on the other hand need to use the best keyword and try not to impress the app store algorithms just the users.
    The description of the app is limited to 100 characters. This means that you need to use the best keywords in a very compact manner. Try and separate each keyword with comma. When generating a list of keywords make sure that it is a single word keyword and not long one. The Apple app store does not like the two or three word keywords.
    Another strategy that the app stores do not like when using the keywords is the plurals. The keyword that you use in the title or the description must be always singular. Also it is better not to use the keyword many times ii none title. Another thing is important, if the app is free then uses the ?free? word in the app description. This will allow the app store to keep your app on that category.
    The app store algorithms may also remove the keywords. So it is always a good idea to make sure that the keyword is still there. When naming the apps or giving them the title, the description offensive keywords must not be used.

    Brainstorming the Keywords for Your Apps:

    There are a lot of ways in which you can understand whoopee use the keywords to search for the apps on the app store. It is vital to know the behavior of the people when they search for the apps. Once you find the keyword test those. The important thing is to search for the most basic keywords that the people use to search for the nice that you are developing in.
    You can find the keywords in 2 steps:
    First you need to know what an average person looks for and how do they interact using the keyword.
    Then secondly you can always spy on the competition and see what they are using. There are various tools that are available for free on Google that you can use for spying or for understanding the human behavior to search for the apps.

    Google Keyword Planner:

    One of the tools that can help you understand the keyword behavior is Google keyword planner. If you are looking to assess the keywords of the Adwords users then this is the best tool for you. You can use the filtration option to know only the mobile traffic. This helps you know the keywords and the behavior. With this kind of tool it is now very easy to know the keywords the people use to search for the apps and what is their behavior.

    Google Trends:

    Another tool that is very handy in looking for the number of traffic that a particular keyword generates. This keyword helps generate the traffic based on the keyword from all across the world. It will give you an idea of what trends are people following to search for the apps in different parts of the world. When you use this, you can always filter the results for a particular country.
    So, this tool will help you know the trends all across the globe. This can be very useful as you may want to know the trends before you launch your app for a particular region. Seeing the keywords and the trends you can always launch the app in that particular geographical area.

    App Store Tracking Tools:

    Once you know the behavior of the people of the world, invoke you know how they interact and use the keywords and you know their trends it is time to go one step ahead. It is to spy on the competitors. There are many tools available for spying and when conducting an ASO it is a good idea to know what your competitors are designing.
    From these three tools the MobileDevHQ is a better option as far as I am concerned. It has a feature named sonar which allows you to view the changes in the trends and rankings of the apps. This way if you see some changes you can track that particular app and know what made that change to occur.
    Ratings and Number of Downloads
    Another important thing is to check the ratings and number of downloads. The tool MobileDevHQ can help you with this also. The better rating means better number of downloads.