The three temperaments of site users

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    In this article let's talk about the users, as they are on the Internet. You already know how looks like your target audience:

    * Age
    * Soc. status
    * The purpose of buying
    * Requirements
    * Fears

    Do you know what their temperament is and how to provide information on the Landing page / website for a particular client?

    User Temperaments - this is how your user reads. Each of your characters has a 3 temperaments:

    * Logic (50%)
    * Impulsive (35%)
    * Caring (15%)

    Example: a course on creating Landing Page.
    There are two target audiences:
    The business owner, 35-45 years old
    New copywriter, 20-25 years old

    The business owner is a logical person, and an aspiring copywriter - impulsive.

    For each need their own temperament navigation of Landing page/website, copywriting and call to action:

    "Learn more / free consultation on the course" will work better for business owners,
    for a beginner copywriter: "Leave contacts and get a discount / gift."

    The difference in temperament user audiences:

    Logical (50%)

    * Make decisions based on a large number of parameters
    * A user who exactly inspection the page to the end (it is possible that once again re-read it)
    * Be sure will compare your offer with the competitors.

    What is important:
    1. A clear offer
    2. The presence of FAQ
    3. Attention to the detailed description and quality photos
    4. High-quality photos
    5. Attention to Literacy and design
    6. Attention to the contact information (address, telephone, e-mail on your domain):
    7. The call to "Add to favorites" (because for a long time makes the decision)

    Impulsive (35%):

    * Decides to buy quickly (on emotions)
    * Important: the speed and convenience of ordering
    * Reads the titles, subtitles and watch pictures. Rarely read the entire text.
    * Easily converted to a lead (ie, leave their contacts)
    * Does not go below a special placement and the top 3 organic issuance

    What is important:
    1. Key benefits of Titles (key benefits)
    2. Benefits decorated bulleted text (from 3 to 5 pieces)
    3. The presence of the "Big Red Button"
    4. Easy contact form
    5. The presence of WOW-factor (a very important factor for the impulsive person):
    WOW-factor is an additional unexpected bonus or a compliment for the client.

    A caring person (15%)

    * Socio-oriented
    * It is important how the product helps others
    * It is important that the product / service has been a large number of independent reviews

    What is looking for:
    1 Customer Reviews
    2. Social approval: gratitude, certificates, a live band in the social. networks.
    3. Certificates
    4. Live group in the social. networking
    5. How many people is in your social groups

    Logical person will look it too, but for caring persons it will be a major factor in the decision.

    Your task: to close all temperaments on the Landing page / website, but on the 1st screen / home page to focus on a particular character with a particular temperament!

    Identify your target audience and its temperament, make a correct navigation on Landing page / website and get more bids and phone calls! Good luck!