The "Starter" SEO Blueprint.Advice and feedback appriciated

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    Ok first of all I want to thank everybody on this forum for making very usefull posts,guides and giving very good advices and giving out their methods to the forum.

    So after reading for over 3 months I decided to go for my first steps.The baby steps.

    I decided to start with micro-nichee blogs using blogspot and ranking for low-competition EMD(100+/day SEO traffic for 1st spot) and doing some affiliate marketing in mean time.

    So here is how I plan to do it.I hope you will give me your feedback and advice :

    1)Find 10 low-competition EMD keywords that have nichee-related product on clickbank
    2)Resarch those keywords(Learning about what I am gonna write)
    3)Create 10 EMD blogspot blogs using suitable themes
    4)Write 3 relevant articles for all the sites with keyword density of 1-2%
    5)Have h1,h2,h3 tags with keywords inside
    6)Have keywords in italic and bold
    7)Publish the articles within the following week
    8)Within "the publishing week" do on-page SEO
    9)Within "the publishing week" do 100-200 AA pr 5-8 blog commets for each blog
    10)Create 100 forum profiles each linking to 2 different blogs.
    11)Do 10 forum posts on each of registered forums
    12)Finish my auto-pligg submiter software and subit every blog to 60+ pligg social sites
    13)Add more content on blogs(3-4 more articles per blog,depending on "how micro" nichee is the keyword)
    14)Create 10 web 2.0 properties for each blog
    15)Link each property to one another and to the main blog(linkwheel)
    16)Create another 100 forum profiles,each profile linking to 2 different properties
    17)Do 100 AA blog commets for each property(10000 comments)
    18)Submit each web 2.0 property to 50+ pligg sites
    19)Write 10(1 per blog) very high quality articles and submit each article to 100 auto-approve article directories
    20)Wait 1 week
    21)Within the waiting time use different method to earn 50-100$
    22)Buy Scrapebox
    23)Check out my on-page SEO,if possible make it even stronger
    24)Do more off-page SEO using Scrapebox for all the blog
    25)Create more profiles for each blog and do more forum posts(more backlinks)
    26)Do deep-page backlinking with Scrapebox and my Autopligg soft(will share it if I ever finish it)
    27)Hopefully,so far,earn atleast 5x1st on google
    28)Ping and RSS submit all the backlinks(it will be done whenever new batch of backlinks is made)

    1)Each article will promote clickbank product and hopefully generate some sales.
    2)Some articles will have related incestive CPA offer in them(download book related to nichee or video or whatever)
    3)Each article will target main keyword + one more nichee related keyword
    4)Till I get scrapebox everything(except pligg)will be done manually

    All the questions,advices and feedback are very welcome.