The Stair Method: Your Step By Step Blueprint For Success

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    I'vehad a lot of changes over the past few months and I really want totake things in a different direction. I always have a lot of goodideas but like a lot of people - I also get distracted easily. I'vehad success before and worked a lot harder then. For lots of reasonsI had to leave that and go off on my own - but it's proven achallenge for me. So I decided to write this to both you and me. Tome it's a letter - I need to change things and take action on myideas - for you it's a method that you may have not seen before -or it's a stark reminder that you need to get your ass in gear as well.

    Step 1: Figure Out What You Want

    Everyone has aspirations. What is itthat you really want? For some I'm sure it's as simple as having anextra $10 in your pocket everyday. For others it's a house in theMaldives. It's important to figure out what you really want so thatyou can figure out how to get there.

    Here's a tip - make it somethingtangible. Everyone wants to make a six figures (or more of course)but it's a lot easier to say "I want an Audi A5 Coupe, manual ofcourse - with all the bells and whistles." It's also easier toprint off a picture of one and hang it on the wall in your room, ormake it the background of your computer. You need to constantly worktowards your goal, and it helps when you have inspiration -something that you can look at everyday.

    So what do I need to get there? What doI need to buy an Audi A5? Around $50,000 would buy me the car, sodoes that mean I need $50k? No. You have to consider other factors aswell, if I were to say I want an Audi for $50k I would probably needat least $150k just to be comfortable enough to buy one.

    Figure out what you want, that's yourend goal.

    Step 2: Create A Plan

    Take out a piece of paper - rightnow. Go grab one, I'll wait. Now draw a horizontal line on it - weare going to make a time line basically. At the end of it make avertical line and under it put the object of your desire - andunder that write down how much you think you will need to comfortablybuy it.

    Now you have to create a plan to getthere. Write down the major steps you need to take to get to yourgoal. Since this is an SEO forum let's take a look at what you wouldwrite down if you wanted to get to $150k.

    Each step would represent a verticalline in the time line - these are the major steps - not everydetail.

    Step 1: Create a website
    Step 2: Rank the website
    Step 3: Sustained earning period -(ongoing maintenance during this time)
    Step 4: Sell the website

    Now you have a time line of what youwant and how to get there. In this case we are selling the websitebut we can look at a different model with another strategy.

    Step 1: Create a website
    Step 2: Rank the website
    Step 3: Reinvest money into scaling viaoutsourcing
    Step 4: Rank other sites viaoutsourcing

    If you can it's always good toeventually try and distance yourself from the operation. You need tohave an exit strategy if you want to scale up - you will needpeople working for you. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Thatconversion is for another thread sometime.

    Step 3: Break It Down

    Get a mind mapping tool - I useFreeMind it's free to download and use forever.

    Now make a mind map for the first stepyour going to do. In that mind map there will be sup steps.

    For exmaple:

    The mind map would be called "Createa website"

    And then it would go something like:

    Step 1: Pick a niche
    sub 1: Keyword research
    sub 2: Product research

    Step 2: Buy domain and hosting

    Step 3: Setup website
    sub 1: Install Wordpress
    sub 2: Pick theme

    Step 3: Get content
    sub 1: Outsource content (optional)

    Step 4: Monetize
    sub 1: Clickbank
    sub 2: Adsense
    sub 3: List integration

    How long do you think it will take todo that? Let's say 3 days. Open up your accountability journal (moreon that in a minute) and put in 4 days. Always give yourself a littlebit more time - but not too much you don't want to get lazy but youhave to be realistic. There are going to be set backs at somepoint. You will probably do it in 2 but if your coming up on day 4you know you need to hustle and get it done.

    You will have to do this for all of the steps. But you don't have to do it all at once. You can complete step 1 before making the mind map for step 2.

    Step 4: Laser Focus

    Now comes the hard part. You need tohave laser like focus when your going through your steps. Marketingis hard work - don't be fooled by all the misinformation out there.Nothing is ever as easy as it seems and your going to hit roadblocksand tough times and frustration but you have to power through it.

    Make an accountability journal, in anactual journal you know the kind with paper. This is important, youhave to keep a log of what your supposed to do for the day and whatyou get done and what you have to push through for tomorrow. Thiswill help keep you on track. BTB has a thread about this here I suggestyou read that for more tips on how to use an accountability journal.

    Take each step at a time, this shouldbe obvious but it has to be said. Get done what you need to get done- not what you want to. Some parts of marketing are boring as hell,just power through it.

    Make sure you create your deadlines andtry to hit them. Remember to be realistic about the deadline date andalways add just a bit more time to get it done.

    Eliminate distractions - this is thehardest part for most people. It's all to easy to get up in themorning and read the forums only to find yourself sitting there at2am in your boxers cracked out of your mind from reading all day -and then go pass out without doing a single thing to help yourbusiness. Close your email, close out of BHW for a set period of timeeveryday.

    A good thing to try is power blocks.Set an alarm on your phone and for the next hour close out ofeverything and just work. Get the job done, and do it right. Take a 5minute break and do it again. If you find that your breaks extendbecause your reading forums or watching Youtube videos then changethe schedule around. Then work your butt off during the day and don'tlogin to anything else until a set time.

    Remember that your work ethic is goingto make you or break you. And I don't mean your ability to readforums all day I mean your ability to get down and dirty and do somereal work.

    I'm going to leave it at that for now.This is getting long enough, but before I go I want to leave you withone of my favorite quotes:

    "Thebest way to predict the future is to create it." -Peter Drucker

    Good luck ;)
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