The Spam Concept Misunderstood

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Nexusx2, Sep 26, 2013.

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    So I've been creating tier 1 backlinks and trying to make them high quality. What I don't understand is that webmasters should actually love us for that because in a sense we bring them more traffic. Sure my goal is to get a tier 1 site PR 4 or 5 by giving it more link juice. The object of the game is to get tier 1's to the first page of Google or at least should be right? I don't see why webmasters don't think like that. Lets take for instance a good tier 1 link. It's built with high quality backlinks and a steady flow of link juice is going to your site. Once that t1 link is removed it should hurt the website by removing a massive amount of link juice. So I just don't get the concept of spam even though it should theoretically help.

    What are your oppinions on this subject?
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    What is the question exactly? Powering up your tier 1 pumper sites is a common and powerful strategy. If these pumper sites / web2.0's are ranking high, then that anchored link to your site is going to be extremely powerful yet.
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