The short guide to leveraging new technology for Websites

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    The advent of new technology like chatbots are transforming digital experience. Adopting technology early enables to gain competitive advantage. A brief guide about Chatbots and its applications -

    By definition, chat bots are smart, automated digital avatars that are capable of mimicking human-like conversations, learns by talking to you and represent you to the world 24/7.

    It support short, concise messages which are easier to both read and write. As a blogger who needs to write and market content, chat bots provide what is by far one of the most effective ways of presenting content—in a conversation. Conversations are known to work better than any video, blog post, rich media ad or friendly tweet.

    This technology to introduce conversational experience has numerous implications. It can be used to automate FAQs and AMAs and make it interesting and can be used for contact us forms. It indirectly impacts SEO by increasing dwell time (Dwell time a factor comprising of metrics like - average session duration, bounce rates and CTR on SERP).

    What has stopped chatbot from gaining popularity is the fact that coding a bot can be very tricky and complicated for marketers. AI and machine learning implementation is also complicated. That is why Brands and Fintech industry have been the only players leveraging it.

    While there exist a multitude of bot frameworks like Telegram and Kik, they still require coding. But lately there is a simple framework - Bottr - available to make bot without writing a single line of code. It enables training by talking to the bot, making each bot different and customized for different websites.

    Early adopters have jumped on the chatbot bandwagon, bots are still fresh, dynamic and is a powerful way of sticking in the minds of audiences.