The right questions gets you the right answer.

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    Lately I'm seen lots of new comers, and old accounts as well. Asking to be spoon fed. Questions like:

    • What method can make money in 1hour?
    • How I can make money?
    • What is your niche?
    • What keywords you use?
    • How did you did it?
    • Teach me
    • I need a mentor
    • I need to make at least $5 per day how will I do it?
    • I need a dollar per hour, what site will make this happen?
    • I want a million dollars but I want to work 1 hour a day, were do I spam to make this happen?

    I think I made my point on the questions. Now to the other part of the post. People need to start asking the right questions. Action takers will ask the right questions, to get the right answer. Here is how the top questions can be converted to the right question:

    • I have researched and found that PPD can generate me cash within 1 hour. Can some one point me to a good resource with more information about it?
    • I am looking to work online. What are the different steps I should take to ensure success?
    • How did you research your niche?
    • How did you selected your keywords?
    • What can you tell us about the way you did it?
    • I need to research and read more
    • Can I help you in any way? I would love to learn from you.
    • My goal is to generate $5 per day in X method, I have done x, y, and z so far. What else will you recommend I should look into, to continue the growth of what I have all ready set up.
    • From my country $1USD per hour is a lot, so I have been researching X market, any one can offer me further advice on how to enter that market?
    • I want to be rich, but I don't want to work much, or want to do much. How can I buy lottery tickets?

    To make the story long short. Ask the right questions and you will get the right answers. Try to always make sure that your questions contains 3 key elements:

    1. What do you know
    2. What have you done or tried so far
    3. and what is the next step

    Good luck.