The Perfect Software for me!!!


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May 14, 2009
i have noticed that one of the most valuable tecnique to make money is edit file audio.
It's so original!
How can i put this process on steroid!?

I ask you guys if exist a software for bulk audio editing !
I put a simple audio at the end of 50 audio files with one click :S!
This can really make the difference...

Someone can help me to find something similar?
I have a software right now that I bought from Tehmadcracker on here, however he hasn't responded to my emails in 2 weeks because the program is not working anymore..
this can be accomplished easily via python if you want to pay a programmer to do it.
there is a pre written class for audio manipulation and appending isnt hard once its brought into python as an array. i recommend going on rent-a-coder.. shouldnt cost more then 100 american
Shoul be cool if we can do the same thing with video Files .
Add a video file at the end of 50 video file with few click ...
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