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The Noob Returns

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by thaqu, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. thaqu

    thaqu Registered Member

    Oct 13, 2014
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    Hello fellow Blackhatters!

    In late december 2014 I started a Journey threat here on BHW but while I was motivated when I started out, life quickly got in the way (insert random excuse here). Now, after over a year I'm back this time with a new, more manageable plan. Let's get straight to it:

    I'm aiming at making $25 in profit per day before the end of september. This gives me around 6 months to complete the goal which should definitely be possible. As I will be moving by the end of september it also seems like a good time to end the project.


    Since I live in Europe and don't want to go to jail (or pay big fines) I have a strict set of rules that rules out a lot of the noob friendly methods posted here on BHW.

    1) No unrightful use of copyrighted material. This means that almost all methods for adult content etc. will not be available to me.
    2) No use of illegal marketing strategies. This means "make money with roulette" type schemes etc. are all banned.
    3) No shady shit or scam products. This means no pharma products, no spiritual or magic shit etc.
    4) Be honest and straight-up. I don't want a site that keeps me awake at night because I'm afraid i might get a letter from an angry lawyer. I'd much rather make an honest site that promotes real products with real value.

    Other Requirements

    The methods I use must be somewhat automatic. Being a full-time student at uni does take up much of my day so I'm looking for methods that I can have success with while only spending 2 hours a day. Beyond this, the method must be noob friendly ('cus I'm a big noob).
    I have a budget for initial spending of $250. Any revenue made along the way can be reinvested in the project.

    The Method
    Step 1)
    First I needed a niche. I've chosen a niche that I'm already interested in and have a lot of knowledge of. This makes it much easier to write content and keep up to date with news and new products in the niche. It also allows me to write articles that have actual value instead of spamming the same shit that everyone and their dog puts on their small niche sites.

    Step 2)
    Set up a simple wordpress site. There's nothing fancy going on here just a standard site that presents a few of my latest blog posts on the home page. I will set up the site with a professional logo and header picture to make it look more legit but that's it. I have chosen a domain name that is somewhat relevant to the niche while still being very broad and brandable. More on this later.

    Step 3)
    Setup a social media accounts for the site. This is how I am going to drive traffic to the site. I have chosen to focus on a single social media but I might add more in the future when I start earning some money.
    The site's official account will be grown naturally without the use of spammy bots. Making 2-5 real posts per day that are somewhat relevant to the niche should be easy enough. I will also post a link to my website whenever a put a new article on there.
    At the same time I will be growing some spammy social media accounts using one of the many private proxy services here on BHW. As these accounts grow I will start using them to promote my site and the account I set up for my site. Because the spammy accounts can be grown much quicker than the "real" account this should speed up the process of driving traffic to the site.
    Since I am using social media to promote the site I want the domain to be relevant to the niche, brand-able (so people remember it) and not look spammy.

    Step 4)
    Now it's time to monetize the site. The site will be monetized by promoting affiliate offers that are relevant to the niche. It's important to note that not every post on the site will be promoting a product. I think it's important to keep a balance between promotions and "normal" content to not scare visitors away. I'm gonna try some different forms of promoting but I will tell you more about this when i get there.

    What Have I Done So Far?
    I've bought the domain with basic hosting for 12 months. Had some issues with the hosting package they sold me but I did manage to work it out after speaking with costumer support. I was told to wait up to 48 for the changes to work so we'll see what happens.
    I have chosen the niche and made sure that some good affiliate offers on CB is available.
    I'm currently planning the first couple of non-promotional posts for the site as well as looking at different logo providers here on BHW.

    Current Spendings:
    Domain and hosting (12 months): $100
    Total: 100/250

    Planned Spendings:
    Domaing and hosting (12 months): $100
    Logo: $15
    Header/banner: $20
    Proxies: $10
    Total: 145/250

    The Future Is Now!
    I will aim to update this thread at least two times per week, more if something interesting happens. Anyway, thank you for tagging along (if you choose to do so) ;)

    - thaqu
  2. Boomba

    Boomba Regular Member

    Sep 13, 2015
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    Best of luck on your journey! Since you are using social for most of your traffic, make sure you do everything you can to actually connect and resonate with people in your niche. Profile customization, not only promotional posts etc.
  3. thaqu

    thaqu Registered Member

    Oct 13, 2014
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    Okay I've really not updated this threat as often as promised... anyway here goes.

    The project has had a bit of a rough start. First I had problems with the hosting of the site and when that was finally resolved I got problems with he VPN service I use. Luckily everything has finally been fixed. The site has been designed and is up and running. There are not a lot of content on it yet but I am in the process of writing more aricles. I have also pricked a few products from CB that I will test out, make reviews of and then (if they are up to standard) will promote on the site. I have also written some basic introduction articles.

    As for the social media campaign I had a late start because of VPN problems, but everything is up and running now. It takes forever since I do everything manually but I'll get there eventually. Currently I'm sitting on about 100 followers in total. when I reach 500 I will start to promote the site.

    Total spending is still about 150/250 and no revenue has been generated as of yet.

    More updates soon :)
  4. loedown

    loedown Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jun 29, 2009
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    Good luck, it works if you work it.