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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by InsanelySane, Sep 20, 2014.

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    I have a website that i've been getting traffic to for a while and selling products as an affiliate.

    Well I figured out a while ago I can make a lot more money if I buy the products myself through ali baba and then sell them.

    My current site is set up as a blog for seo purposes. So I am debating if I should sell through ebay or create a store for this site? Or both?

    I've never sold anything online at all before so have no experience with either ways.

    I imagine ebay has extra fees for their service, but I also would imagine credit card checkout integration on a website would as well.

    Basically want to know which one is a better option?
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    Jan 8, 2014
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    To find out how much ebay and Paypal would charge you, here is a handy calculator:

    But basically their fees are 15%. It's a bit lower than that, but there are variables that can slightly increase fees which is why I just round up to 15%. Compare that with however much your payment processor charges you and I'm pretty sure you'll end up paying less fees going through your own website. The only reason anyone would want to use Ebay is because of the traffic it brings. If you don't already have an established account, it would take quite some time to build up selling limits and feedback.

    Most people do both, which is what I would suggest you do. Your website would be your main selling platform now, while you build up your ebay account (I'm just assuming you don't have one since you mentioned never selling online before). Later on, if you aim to become a Top Rated Seller, your fees would decrease and your listings would get a boost in search results which will help your sales. If you price your items slightly higher on ebay, you could still make a decent profit. Maybe not as much, but still enough to make it worthwhile. You could also include a business card when you ship your listings out to further drive traffic to your website.
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    there's a program with amazon where you can have them sell and ship your product. I would check it out....You buy in bulk and send it directly to them (if I was you I would ship it to me first and do a quality control, do your own packaging add a pamphlet for other products or some promo to drive more traffic to your site and then send it to amazon for them to sell it for you.
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    Yea, but if amazon deletes your seller account and you have 10k worth of stock items at amazon facility then forget them returning those items, they won't return items nor undelete your seller account for any reason unless you get lawyers involved.