The most important questions in a bizz for a newbie

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    Hi, After a while of searching I've came to realize the information on the rreplica business is narrow to say the least..I am planning to get into look-a-like watches and open an online store at jimdo. Would appreciate any good answers and tips from anyone with experience:

    1.Would the e-commerce platform on jimdo suit the business?

    2. In terms of payment, what are my best options vs risks and why? (I won't be able to buy all the products out of my pocket so I'd probably need daily payments, unless there are any other ways?)

    a) A fake pay-pal with their debit card
    b) pay-pal with linked to an offshore bank account (any good ones for starters?)
    c) simple merchant account
    d) pay-pal with onshore real bank account with no hustle (not sure if I could pull it off at least for the start?)

    4)In terms of identity privacy on Facebook, twitter etc, do u suggest keeping it really private a.k.a use fake info? or Could use some real info to gain more trust from my local customers?

    5) Do I face a lot of risk even I don't have the products on me, but rather use my retailer to ship them?

    6) Any good SEO online marketing tips in this niche?

    I am new to this so please don't be too harsh Thank you and hope to get some good quality answers!
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    When your setting up a new eshop like this you need to get customer trust.

    That means you need your own website, real phone number, physical address etc.

    I have worked in sourcing and for example you can get high quality fakes from Thailand for just a few dollars.

    The problem is shipping them in - its illegal in most of the countries you will probably want to be selling to - USA or UK or other E.U. countries. And if you selling to Asia as I said they can just co out in the street and buy them!

    So if your looking to build a business I wouldn't bother doing this unless you can sell genuine products that you can put some form of unique spin on to differentiate yourself from the rest.

    But if you just want to make some money feel free to pm me there are easier ways to do that.