The most difficult thing in marketing

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    At the moment, and it has been like this in the past as well.... for me, the most difficult thing is to predict what my target audience will have the best reaction towards...

    for example, I'm thinking about some training videos because I want to give more trainings... What should I charge for, what should I give away for free.... as a consequence, I also contemplate about the marketing platforms (authorities) that I can use in order to get the necessary reach...
    I'm thinking of some training videos and some platforms are great for reach, for example YouTube, but are bad for protecting ownership of my product... Udemy could help here... but maybe It's better to give videos away so that I can promote myself to companies and charge fees on that level....

    decisions decisions decisions ... sometimes it feels like gambling and is close to maddening to think out all scenarios....... Even if I know my target audience I still feel there is a lot of guessing involved....

    What's most difficult for you?