The map in my mind is not fully fit, please need advise

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    Oct 19, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    I was away from Internet like a 6months couse of National Services which was like a hell :p Nowadays i'm testing and triying some case studies for adsense and amazon combine. The thing i stucked on road map.

    I created 8 diffrent niches which has fully unique contents, moreover i'm bookmarking them via socailadr, and i have tools such as SEnuke, Market Samurai, SpinChimp, etc.

    Please guide my like cycle plan. I can write 4-5 (500words) articles per day and planing create 15blogs. I need cycle advice like;

    For one blog
    - 1-2 article per week
    - Bookmark them
    - in 3 weeks use SEnuke bla bla. I read 100's of content on forums, i can say my mind totally turn into a mess