The Light in a dark, Dark World

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    Hello BHW,

    For about 2 months now I've been diligently reading and studying all known material I could on the subject of making income at home. My story may even be similar to some of yours. I've recently returned from a trip abroad in my early 30s. A slave to the working world for several years, doing 70 hours plus I simply saved what I could and disappeared. I was there for a period of a year and a half returned engaged to an American woman I met abroad and thought I was starting my new life with some one else.

    Until the fiancee simply fell out of love :(. Don't get me wrong, she will always have a special place in my heart, she was actually an amazing human being and I put a a lot of blame on myself. There were some words said about how she just simply didn't see me as successful.

    Looking back I was stuck, depressed and pathetic. In my own mind's defense, working 70 hour weeks where I daily screamed inside to get out of that, knowing I was meant for greater, held me from simply getting a job. I couldn't function properly back in the states, my ideas were racing at a thousand miles a minute. The last several months were very painful for me. Being back home I was surrounded in a place full of negative vibes, I felt like a complete failure, I went dark, very dark :vollkomme, thank god/goodness for a few friends who actually reached out and brought me back to a world I could live in. The anxiety and panic attacks made me start to think I needed psychological help.

    The only time I felt normal was when I was envisioning my independence. I felt a draw towards fighting for what my dreams were.

    A part of me decided to not give up and falter. That my hopes of living an alternative lifestyle, words spoken to myself, to me and to my close friends are within reach.

    So instead of joining social clubs, going out and partying with friends, joining the work force (all gave me anxiety and the feeling of being unproductive), I've decided that this is where I want my energy. The pleasant nature I found in the forums of most of the members here felt pleasant:rolleyes:.

    So I've read and watched IM material on ebooks, content blogs, adsense, affiliates, CPAs, have read about the ability to present money making opportunities in a multi-dimensional aspect and skirting the fine line of what's allowed. While avoiding buying in to a lot of self-help programs I took what information I could and wrote notes upon notes. With my finances dwindling and me still being barely able to function well in public I've come here for some advice and acquaintances.

    I hope to make a case study of this to show what can be done; knowing that if it "can't" be done is a matter of my own will power.

    I want to say I currently have attempted:

    • Tspring with several FB campaigns in a 2 week period with (no success) - $50 invested in FB ads with no return from group add ins
    • Started a FB page about a country for future usage (future endeavor) could play a multi-dimensional role in the future
    • Affiliate link dropping using google adsense (WTF was I doing, I don't know) was a combination of sleep deprivation/mental break down - $100 down
    • Began writing an ebook on my weight loss journey where I lost 80 pounds couple years back that focused on eating specific vegetables.

    • A wordpress blog (health and wellness and food) hosted with synth and FB group to redirect (4-5 articles
      • Created a very artistic theme enforced top banner, a logo I was so proud of
      • Started equipping myself with all the necessary plugins and widgets to enforce a socially active blog
      • Started editing catchy photos for FB that would end up being my only picture I'd use per article - took almost 2 hours each time
      • Creating original unique content while referring back to references - took about 2 hours each
      • Within a week some family urgencies happened and I barely noticed 1 organic search and not much from the 90 or so FB members that were getting my feed, my posting ceased at this point
      • Purchased PLR content in the health topics to potentially use and redesign to make less personal and knowledge filled and more mainstream content filled

    I have a small budget at the moment around $500 and would like to begin solidifying a project I can follow, manage and work at for 4-5 hours a day and hopefully begin bringing income in by the end of this week. With my resources that I've listed previously could any of you help with some ideas or guidance on what would help me in accomplishing my goal of 100-120 a day and hopefully on to even more. I'm not opposed to receiving PMs and speaking more privately.

    My skills included managing a business with over 2 million in turnover a year. Very good with math, always finished in the top 10% in academic settings so there isn't much I can't grasp or emulate with my added intuition. At this point, I am essentially a sponge at the brink of evolving into a protostome. I just feel stuck again and would like the mentorship or guidance of anyone willing to offer some experiential advice.

    In the mean time I will continue to read the forums and get as much tacit knowledge as I can from all of you.

    Embracing the Dark Side Happily

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    Maybe this article would help give you an idea of a way you can earn a small amount of money immediately while you're building up a content rich website:

    This kind of arbitrage isn't a sustainable model, but it does give you insights into user-behavior and you can profit from if you're clever (most people will click more than one of those Outbrain-style links on your page, so profit is possible) and the data you get can gain can really help give you a direction.

    At any rate, give up on cookie-cutter shit like Tspring and focus on building a branded site with a real community, is my advice.

    Good luck,
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    Now that's what I call an introduction!
    You really opened up.
    Nice! Wish you the best of luck, btw. ;)
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    ★☆ Earth! =) ★☆
    That's a whole long story to read, welcome anyway. :)