The Great SPAM Challenge !!!!

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    Ladies, Gentlemen and Others... I believe there are a great many people out there who are currently indulged in 'waiting' for Penguin to settle down and therefore are not making full and proper use of their boxes of tricky software... While your bandwidth is sat their doing nothing and your proxies are yawning with boredom, let me ask you to consider a little fun, albeit a little naughty, challenge!

    For this challenge to have any credibility, we need a really credible, beyond reproach, powerful authoritarian blog address and we'll need to come up with a play on the existing keyword. The blog address for your anchor I will leave to your imagination, however the keyword which you must use a derivative of is Matt Cutts. Now, you must obey the rules here and ONLY use a derivative of the keyword. Change it to something we'll all recognize if you later decide to post google results here.

    Lets see if Penguin really is the fourth Reich's answer to all things spammy, or whether or not an outstanding, untouchable, beautifully maintained blog can be associated with an alternative keyword as far as google's post penguin results are concerned.

    Now then. there are some more rules to this little game. Nobody should post here what Blog they are using as their SPAM URL. I think we can all talk about derivatives though if you like. I'm going to keep my derivative a secret because I'm a polite person and don't think swearing is appropriate.... well sometimes,,, in a competition agenda anyway!

    So,,, what tools can we use.... Well,,,, hmmm,,, anything really! Its the great SPAM challenge after all. Some of the more powerful chaps around here might be persuaded to have a little funky fun with some of the less reputable toys accessible only to those members of the dungeon,,, gosh, sends a shiver mentioning them at all! For the rest of us, lets just see how we go. There is no need to register and no need to say if you are playing this little game. Just play and lets see what Penguin makes of its maker!

    Have fun!:cool:
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    Am still reading the post.................
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    Time spent writing that could have been spent coming up with a new SEO plan and strategy.

    Good luck on your game though lol.