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The Education Method-Your Money Maker

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by moneymakers8407, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. moneymakers8407

    moneymakers8407 Newbie

    Jan 21, 2009
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    The Education Method:

    Tools Needed:
    1 Hour a day
    1 Url Rotator Script
    One CPA Network Account
    Know some kids, or be in high school, or capability to find some
    Printer, or Library

    What is this Method:
    This Method is based upon the premise that you are not stupid, and are fully capable of getting off of your buns and going out to make a little offline cas using students in high school and college.

    How much will you make:
    Between $100-$600 a day

    1. Go online, and I want you to pick the 3-5 best CPA Offers in your network on education, grants, loans, and credit checks.
    2. Create an Education Domain, and upload a URL Rotator script to the domain( a script that allows you to rotate offers to see which one converts the best).
    3.Input your offers.
    4. Create a list of ten local schools in your area, and a list of however many colleges and univerisities are in your area.
    5. my example/
    6. I had a credit check offer like free credit report.com AND a grant offer
    7. I went, and created a simple flyer stating, over 6 million in grants being given out to students, for education, business owners, and those seeking to improve their financial status. I listed my domain with the rotator in it, so it would lead to my offers, without having "**************.com/affid/s943584398fd"
    8. Next, Print off I would say 100 Per University. yes, and go all over the grounds, or hire kids to go all over the grounds, posting them and pay them $10 per person that signs up and says they reffered them(if the offer pays over $25 that is, gotta make a profit ;])
    9. Go and post on community boards and at community centers.
    10. include an email on the flyer so they can (and believe me they will) contact you by email first, if they do, state they must complete that prelimary credit check (offer), then they will be sent info for getting grants.
    11. It is ridicicolous the amounts of responses you will get. The next step? Outsource, outsource, outsource to other areas locally.

    This is a pretty easy method, and just takes a little set up time.

    hope you enjoy !
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  2. Longover

    Longover Power Member

    Jun 9, 2008
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    hey man, nice offline method. I clicked on your link at the bottom out of curiosity and it goes nowhere...
  3. danhenrique

    danhenrique Registered Member

    Apr 25, 2009
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    i'd like to live in the USA! :usa1: