The Digital Chargeback Point

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    I have pushed digital products and priced my own over the years but would like some input from others on where you think the chargeback line stands on smaller digital products and subscriptions. By 'chargeback line' I mean how much is too much to charge, making it worth it to the buyer to chargeback. I'm not talking about a worthless product, per se, but if I'm honest, I'm talking about silly products. You know what I mean, Clickbank stuff, tests, fluffed up and rehashed ebooks. Things that took a good amount of tomfoolery to get them to purchase in the first place. Although relevant, I'd like to somewhat give less credit to PayPal in the calculations because there are a certain amount of people that know they can get away with something for nothing via dispute. I am talking about pretty low level hyped up subscriptions/ebooks/digital products etc.

    I found pretty good success in the past with a price point of between $12-$15 for these types of products, but it's been a while. You can get more out of people for something they want, but it seems to come with more chargebacks and customer service problems.

    Anyone else selling these types of products have any input?