The Definitive Guide to Copywriting [More for Newbies][Long Read]

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    Here I am again, with another interesting read I found when reading up on Growth Hacking. This is pretty long but I have read their other guide "Definitive Guide for Growth Hacking" and loved it.

    I would say this is more for newbies, however there is some decent information in this.

    It is 10 chapters long, so might be easy to digest in multiple sittings.

    There will be 2 popups in the website, just close them and you will be golden. They are actually example of some growth hacking conversion techniques (When your mouse leaves the browser plane a popup shows, very cool and somewhat easy to implement. That alone could be useful for your site if someone is going to close the tab on your site)

    NOTE: I am not affiliated with this, but thought it is very informative.
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