The Deal With Silos

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by InsanelySane, Feb 16, 2014.

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    Nov 23, 2013
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    I have seen Becker go on about this and it seems interesting although I havent looked into it.

    I have a site where the homepage is my converting review and the other pages are simply privacy policies, google happy articles, and whatever other stuff will lead people to buy from my homepage.

    Should I be leaving a hyperlink at the bottom of every page directing to my homepage, so the juice always returns to my prized page? Or is the sidebars and menu's simply all the links I need?

    I have seen becker show similar small review sites where he essentially links every page in a category in a descending order and then links the last one to his homepage.


    Homepage -> article 1 -> article 2 -> article 3 -> Homepage

    Whats the deal here?
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    Feb 2, 2014
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    No, that's not really siloing.

    Read up on some theory (can't post links), search for Stephen Cronin siloing and Bruce Clay's guide while long is also good.

    It's not complicated but it can be hard to wrap your head around it if it's your first time. Essentially what you're doing with siloing is creating categories and making sure that pages in that category don't link to anywhere but the parent category and other siblings. Then it's up to controlling your existing links and most of the time it involves removing links/editing your theme (if using a CMS like WP) that dilute the linkjuice.
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    That is basically what i was going to say ;)