The Chargeback Scam?

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    So I was thinking about Visa and these other prick CC companies the other day while I was looking at all the $30 chargeback fines I got levied last month. When I review the reasons by the customers, like 85% say they didnt recognize the transaction and another 13.5% say they didn't authorize the charge (basically what the other 85% are saying). Then it hit me. 98.5 of our cb's should be avoided if the customer simply called our TOLL-FREE number that is right on the same line as the charge they "don't recognize". Customer calls, transaction figured out, no CB. Now the CC companies are smart people. They know that all the customer has to do is call. But I realized, they don't want them to call. They want the CB because they make WAY more on the transaction with a CB fine ($30 plus other bs charges) than their rate they charge us and interest they may charge the customer.

    This is total BS. VISA is basically a monopoly and they are getting away with murder here. I had a bad experience camping last month and i thought "Ima chargeback this state campground charge" and win the case cause visa wants me to.. In other words, consumers have picked up on how easy it is to go online, charge up any service they want, and just check the "do not recognize charge" box. VISA wants the merchants money cause it's basically guaranteed (0r we go out of biz). The customers money is high risk ( you've seen how many people have declared cpt 7 and screwed the cc companies), and often times the CC companies never get theirs..

    OK, so i'm sure i'm not the first one saying this. My question is, have any of you seen articles about this anywhere (Money Magazine, other big publications) ?? Or any large online blogs?

    I am ready to go on a crusade if not (anon style otherwise they shut me down lol). Let me know your thoughts on this. BTW I was also a major victom of the VISA CB regulations after 9/11 going to 1%, so this has been a plague on me (and thousands others) for years.