The boundaries of relevance

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by thesadshow, May 25, 2013.

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    What are the boundaries of relevance with G? For example, if I decide to change the niche of my site a little bit, how far is too far in respect to the current PR, backlink relevance, content relevance etc?

    How closely related do niches/topics/content need to be in or to be considered relevant by G?
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    In my opinion people give waaaayyyy too much weight to the "relevance" idea.

    Sure getting links from relevant sites is great to drive targeted traffic, but from an SEO standpoint I always go with power of the link over relevance (sure it's great if you can get both).

    I manage a lot of sites in pretty competitive niches, and I see a lot of them use paid links from PR7-PR8 sites unrelated to their niche with much success. But so I digress.

    Anyway getting back to your question, a slight change shouldn't affect you that much, unless you are changing the content you are currently ranking for pretty drastically.