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    Hey guys...

    I just wanted to compile a list of "all-stars" on this forum and their respective skillsets. It would really help guys like me in order to follow and read everything the top contributors wrote - who know what they are talking about and more importantly, are making REAL money online...

    I'll start...

    Member: Scritty

    Area of Expertise: Bookmarking (especially with BMD) and Web 2.0 Structure Creation

    Best Posts:

    Create Web 2.0 Structure Yourself, A Simple Method:

    Bookmarking Demon: (go to the tenth page where he start chiming into the conversation, the real gold begins there...)

    Poor Man's Power Linking:

    So if you can, contribute what members and specifically which of their posts were SUPER helpful to you. Hopefully we can gather a master list...
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