The best way to run ecommerce campaigns

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    This guide is not intended for beginners.
    We will be using Facebook ads.

    When running ecommerce campaigns, it is not enough to set the capmaign to conversion, pick a target audience and cross your fingers.

    Often times ecommerce stores have different items and each item caters to a different audience.
    If you set your campaign to conversion - purchase from the get-go, then, you may be missing out on profits entirely, forget about 10x your investment.

    1. Create a PPE ad.
    We start with a PPE ad. The ad will have a link to your item in the post. You want to run this ad to your niche audience, 3-500k potential reach works fine. 2-5$ per day for 5-6 days.

    2. Create a Website Conversion "view content" ad to your PPE results
    This website conversion ad is going to be a view content ad, you will run this ad to people who have engaged with your PPE ad. 7$ a day for 3 days.

    3. Create a Website conversion "add to cart" ad to your view content audience
    You will then mirror the audience and create an add to cart campaign.
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