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    Pretty simple: radio interviews.

    This only works when you're in a niche that actually requires some kind of expertise or knowledge. You're not going to get radio interviews for your acne website (probably) but if you're running a blog that focuses on a topic, your best bet for getting long term readers and huge traffic is radio interviews.

    Since I've started getting invited on various syndicated radio shows and internet radio shows, I've seen my daily direct traffic outside any social media promotion, SE traffic etc. more than double.

    Also, every radio interview that you do gets you more people wanting to interview you, and I'm now being interviewed almost every single day (sometimes twice a day or more).

    To get started you can call into relevant radio shows that take calls and attempt to plug your site, or just make a really good impression on the host and they might invite you back for a full-on interview.

    I've now been offered my own internet radio show and I have interviews lined up through January and I get new requests every day.

    It has also resulted in me getting emails from advertisers and people wanting to write for me.

    All I can say is that if you have a website where you present solid original content that requires expertise of some kind, you can easily leverage it to make yourself a "name" in whatever field you're in.

    In less than 9 months I've gone from not having a website to having hundreds of thousands of natural backlinks to my main site along with my work copied to countless other websites.

    My name is now "known" and I've actually heard my work mentioned on random radio programs and videos.

    I went from a ridiculously tiny amount of results for my full name in quotes to hundreds of thousands of results.

    Radio has been huge in getting my work and my name out there so I'd recommend anyone who can to pursue this avenue as you'll be surprised with how fast you'll see results.

    Not to mention the fact that all radio stations now have online archives so you have long-term traffic from new people listening to it for the entire foreseeable future.

    If you need any tips/help just post here and I'll try to help you out in your journey to expert status or even a career in punditry.

    Keep in mind I'm a young guy, started this much less than a year ago, and I have now surpassed people who have been doing this for 10x the time or more. All it takes is drive, a lot of sweat equity and some ingenuity.
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