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    Hello guys,

    I don't want to go too deep into stuff because I am sure this is something, the real moneymakers are making their cash with.

    First of all: Sorry for my bad english.

    Maybe you already read the things I will be telling you now in a few posts but did not realize their impact on your success of making money.

    The most important fact you have to keep in mind when planning a "Trend-moneymaker" site is:

    THE G. (G stands for Gangsta) KEYWORD TOOL LIES.

    I am sure that every SEO on this forum has made the experience that sometimes, you get much more traffic than expected and sometimes there is just air but no traffic.

    Learning too much IM from Ebooks and blogs of people talking shit can cause the so-called WSO-syndrome. Its a serious disease of our brain function that makes thinking out of the box quite impossible.

    To be successful with a new website and getting shitloads of traffic, you just have to attain a very basic knowledge about economics. (SEO is important too, but I'm sure that 90% of you already know everything to make big money).

    Fact: Big demand means big traffic

    Sub-Fact: There are seasonal fluctuations (wintertime means snow means big nipples means people buy warm clothes)

    The Sub-Fact shows us: There are factors that have a big influence on demand. In this case it is the season.

    The next step: We have to find these factors that have the biggest impact on demand.

    Lets brainstorm a bit...

    - Justin Beeber announces a tour in italy
    - A baby with four eyes is born
    - They show a weight-loss spot in a brainwashing way every twenty minutes on tv
    - You see the same ads when fapping all the time on pr0n sites

    The first one is: A person. A star. An opinion leader. Opinion leaders are great for making cash, because the say "follow me!" to their followers and everybody follows them to italy or whereever. This will cause followers to search for tickets or whatever.

    The second one belongs to news. Shocking, Exciting or other emotionally important news cause big demand for information. Information is not as easy to monetize as physical goods like tickets or plasma tv's because information can be replicated very easy. This is why people scam other people with stuff like content lockers (the just invent some kind of information that can't be found anywhere to make sure people fill out a survey). The legit guys use adsense and other forms of "low paying" ads (low paying compared to getting commissions for high paying goods).

    The third one is TV. Television influences people to buy shit over and over again. Just find out, what is a hype on TV and make a simple Website/Fanpage around that topic. You can look for affiliate programs for promoted stuff on television commercials or think outside the box to monetize "fan traffic" for TV-shows.

    The last point i wrote is my favorite one. Find the spots on the internet that are used by the biggest amount of people! I just give you one hint:

    - Nearly every teenager has a smartphone (so there will be the biggest demand)
    - He or she uses it in combination with the internet
    - The tools being used to communicate with the internet are so-called apps
    - Apps are mostly downloaded from the appstore or google play
    So on this point of our thoughts, we realize that an app-store is the real cutting point between the devices and the internet.
    -> The demand is born before the point of sale!
    - The appstores influence demand by highlighting apps and showing rankings
    - Social interactions can make demand exponentially growing

    To exploit trends in the section of apps, we only have to find out all the opinion leaders. We have to gather as much information as possible. We already know that the appstores are opinion leaders because they recommend apps.

    Other opinion leaders are already established brands / developers like "rovio".

    For the rest, you have to find out all the blogs with a lot of readers and traffic.

    All information together gives us the possibility to react fast when demand increases.

    We already know all tools to manage it! We can use Google Alerts and stuff to make it happen.

    The average "Joe" will look at the KW-Tool and say "temple run 2 cheats" gets only XXX exact... Nah, I wait a bit if it increases...
    He will go into his dark room and play WOW.

    The smart guy will get the alert or will just read that temple run 2 will be released soon. Before he even has a clue how this game will look like, he will have set up a website with 20 articles and his ppc banners.

    This is how Blackhatters print money with SEO.

    The best thing about this is the fact that you dont need do backlink if there is no competition. When people start realizing that there is traffic and start building their websites, you are already on number one.

    I took this example because I know that there is a shitload of money to be made in the mobile vertical. Its a simple logical conclusion everybody can make.

    So the basic rules you could try out next time when you create a website are:

    - Think big. See what people love right now
    - Look for the best sources of information on the opinion leaders that influence people
    - Don't believe the KW-Tool. If a product is #1 bestseller on amazon but the KW-Tools says 100 exact searches, that maybe means 10k exact RIGHT NOW. The same applies to stats of downloaded apps and so on.

    I just wanted to give a bit back to this community because my IM journey started here... Please ignore this thread if it sounds too simple for you to be true. I finally started making money by applying this way of thinking.

    Sorry if somebody already wrote the same! After a few years of IM, I found out that this is my only way. Would like to hear some experiences :)
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    "wintertime means snow means big nipples means people buy warm clothes"

    I give this story a win just for that.

    But a very good lesson in being clever about hot topics and acting fast before you waste too much time over thinking.
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    It's always (disclaimer: in certain contexts) better to be ahead!
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    Making money
    Touching the Sky
    winter = big nipples !! hahaha good one. good advice by the way, its all about being a visionary and spotting the trends first.
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    Thanks mate ! :D thanks and rep added
    oh and i like your way of thinking , and i play WOW but not in a dark room :D
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    I will say not only google adwords tool, NO tool gives you exact search count and the worst tool i come across is spyfu. It was good before but now now. People using this can understand what i mean by this.

    lol i love the way you said this "wintertime means snow means big nipples means people buy warm clothes" :D
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    Glad to know everybody likes the nipples part ;)

    Yes mate! Those who believe in their visions and have data to be on the secure side will win very often! You just have to hit a few of these trends to get some investing capital for bigger things...
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    Love your style, thanks and rep+ for the laughs!

    Jokes aside. I can vouch for this. I created a betakeys PPD video for a game that isnt even released yet and forgot about it. It's been making me some money on autopilot so I went back to check where it was ( Since I forgot where the traffic was coming from.) Turn out the blogger blog and video I made for it are both ranking #1 and #2 on Google

    Now I pick that game because I have a feeling it will get game of the year for sure pretty innovative stuff, and since am a gamer myself pretty sure I could do anything to be able to play it myself lol