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The Beginning Of?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by OneMadMFER, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Feb 1, 2013
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    New to this but just wanted to say even with a completely fresh start and a well balanced plan you can make some $

    Being new to BHW can be overwhelming at times. Especially seeing that alot of this information has been avail for so long. But Anyways here what I hope is the start of something great.

    After some trial and error on a old twitter account. I made the decision to start over and like a idiot i decided to join the wide world of parodies... But this time with a little BHW knowledge.

    First I downloaded some bots and racked up points on websites like addmefast, youlikehits, traffup etc.
    Then i got some fiverr gigs to add the illusion of greatness :D.
    I noticed while the gigs were kicking in and during my random tweeting I was actually picking up and interacting with some big accounts. Well in my eyes they were. They had 100k+/ 200k+/ even a guy with 1mil+. We interacted and I thought all was great.
    Then i threw all the points i had stacked onto my twitter for what I was hoping to be a more interacting following and so far it has been. except for getting banned on addmefast....
    Until recently the earnings from chacha, mylikes, and sponsoredtweets was small & it got a little discouraging. I didnt wanna give up so i kept going forward.
    A few days ago I got some very interacting names and it seems since then everything has gotten better. Just over the past few days click rates have drastically improved. So far this is small scale but I can def see how people make $ doing this. I may not have chosen the best way to go about it, but I think that just shows that you dont have to be perfect.

    So yeah thanks for reading. To all new people that get overwhelmed you can do it. It just takes time and effort. Just like ive been told and have read many times on BHW "Take Action"

    Oh yeah and for furture refrence if you can get uploads on 9gag or funnyjunk to trend that helps a little.