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The beggining for a young programmer (start without money, aim for 100$ daily)

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by swissmistery, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. swissmistery

    swissmistery Newbie

    Mar 16, 2015
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    Hello everyone, I recentely started my journey with the intention to earn some money in a "easy" way.

    Who I am?
    I'm a 21 y.o. programmer with some good knowladge of PHP, Javascript (+jQuery), HTML, CSS, Java and iMacros (still javascript, but it's for bots). I'm looking for a good way to earn some money while a go to the universty, other than that, I want to build some experience with different method of working.

    What do I have?

    At the moment I have nothing. By this I mean that I don't want to invest a single $ in this "project". So far I have the following things:
    - 1 Facebook account with 750 friends (all italian)
    - 1 Facebook account with 400 friends (worldwide)
    - 1 Facebook page with 180 Likes (no niche, all italians like)
    - 1 Facebook page with 115 Likes (no niche, worldwide likes)

    I started these accounts/pages a couple of days ago, and so far is going pretty well, even if slowly.
    In order to have friends quickly create a fake profile of a cute girl, find a girl which you have access to many NATURAL picturs of her so you can post them daily (CUTE! Not a naked girl).

    What it is my first goal?
    First of all I want to reach 5'000 friends on both account in order to have a good "audience".
    At the same time I want to enlarge my pages with more likes through the 2 accounts.

    What's next?
    Once I have a good fan base for my pages I will start 2 websites similar to BuzzFeed. But it will take some times, so plans maybe will change.
    My dream is to earn 100$ daily without much effort!

    Other resources?
    I have some resources for my Facebook pages..
    First of all I use some social media exchange such as like4like, likeASAP, addMeFast, etc. I'm able to write bots with iMacros so I can have points pretty quickly. I use those points to share my posts (not like my pages, but of the accounts on social exchange are bots!), in this way I can hope that some "friend" of the other account see my posts and get interested.

    I know that this is a pretty generic and casual project. But I want to try it.

    If you have any suggestions or experience to share I'm glad to hear them.
    I'm looking for some partner as well, so feel free to write me if you are interested.