The 2 Simple Basics You Need to Succeed Online

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    I?ve been thinking about this for a while, and I found that after all, there are 2 things we need to succeed. Each of these 2 things has many branches of course, but these are the basics:

    Imagine you are in point A and you want to get to point B. What do you need?
    First of all to KNOW where point B is, then to MOVE to it. It?s the same with your goals, to transfer from your current situation to your goal or dream; you need to pay attention to 2 things:

    1) Know what your goal is ? No, not another ?Write your Goals? tip. By this I mean, that you have to keep in mind what your big goal is, and what is the thing that you are working on at the moment.

    It may sound simple, but we often forget.

    For example, let?s say that you want to have a successful blog about Dogs. If you don?t keep that ?goal? or ?target? in mind, you?ll end up writing posts just to satisfy your momentary needs. It happened to me a lot, I was simply forgetting what my goal is, where I am going, so I ended up heading somewhere else.

    2) Move towards it ? This one is about self-discipline, motivation and productivity. You need to work on these points to get things done, to actually start moving from point A.
    Getting the RIGHT things done is what basic 1 is about.
    It?s as simple as that. So go ahead, focus on your target, and MOVE FORWARD.

    Thanks and have make a wonderful day!
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    Back to the basics. I like it.

    I do want to add one thing, even though it may get into detail. We all know the what (money), but the how (process) is the part that we have to focus on. So to keep this short, along with your point, about writing your goal down, Wiz, take a day to write a plan. It seems childish, and stupid, and boring, and annoying at first glance. Even if it looks like complete junk, takes you only 1 hour, and is just scribbles, it's a start and it will launch you farther than you knew you could possibly go.

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    Basics is where it's at. Distilling everything down to what really matters.

    Which reminds me.

    I have to get off this damn forum.

    Less reading...more doing.