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    Hi All

    This is a message for all the newbies. Ive been a BHW member for a while now and I would like to thank all the friendly members on this site for advice they have given me. Im looking to work with a few members on here soon as I have a ecommerce website which needs marketing. Therefore I will be needing the skills from SEO gurus, KW research gurus and social media gurus and Im confident I will find them on here. Im sorry I dont have much to share with anyone on here in terms of knowledge as I am a newbie and am just now dipping my feet into the world of IM. However, I can say I have had a positive experience on here so far and I think BHW is a great place for anyone wishing to learn about IM and find great people with knowledge.

    On that note I shall leave you guys with a quote from Bryan Adams which I feel can be my two cents of contribution.

    I like the idea of helping people help people. Bryan Adams

    Hope you newbies get what you want from here and share the knowledge and help make this forum a even better place to share, learn and network on. :)