Thank you so much Partymarty4870

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    May 28, 2010
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    My purpose on creating this thread is to give thanks to Partymarty4870. A week ago he created a thread for his 1000th post here at BHW with a purpose of giving back to the community. According to him he will be donating a 1 year hosting, domain and BHW service to one lucky winner that is not from the US nor UK. So I take the chance to post on his thread and fortunately win. The giveaway should be a total of 100$ but since paypal took $5 of it I received 95$ from him. I already bought a 1 year web hosting from namecheap which worth 77.4$ and a domain which is 10$ so that's a total of 87.4$. Since I only have 7.6$ left on my paypal I'm planning to buy keyword at BHW service which worth 12$ and the EMD for 10$ as soon as I add funds on my paypal.

    Again thank you so much Partymarty4870!!