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    From the Desk of TextBoss:

    Dear Future Millionaire,

    Things are going to happen for you. Big time, baby. You'll have so much success, you'll get bored with success. Let's get right to it. Put on your swimsuit, because you'll be swimming in cash!

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    This is champagne taste on a malt liquor budget. Turn off that rocky road onto Success Street. Then, turn onto the Information Superhighway. Tune your radio to the sound of success and pump up the volume. It's going to be a smooth ride from here on out. Don't try to save money by hiring a cheap writer. It's the difference between cruising down the highway in a Ferrari and sputtering down a bumpy side road in a Suzuki Samurai.

    We're based in Silicon Prairie. Our professional writers are some of the top copywriters in the nation. They do more award-winning writing before noon than some people do in a lifetime.

    We've handled thousands of projects for thousands of clients in more than 50 countries. We write for a global audience. We can create entire eBooks that rival those non-fiction titles you'd find in your local library or bookstore. We can write product descriptions that are designed to increase sales. We can write blog posts that promote, inform or entertain, as well as press releases, website pages, video, radio or email auto responder scripts, magazine or newspaper articles, promotional copy or PLR bundles.

    We're super-fast, but more important than that, we're one of the top-rated content providers on the market with hundreds of positive reviews and thousands of satisfied customers. Give us a try today! Everything is $0.03 per word ($3/100 words) and you'll be happy with the result...guaranteed. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

    Hundreds of years from now, people will look at TextBoss as a major member of the Western canon. Someday, you'll be able to tell your grandchildren you worked with TextBoss. TextBoss is to content & copywriting what Shakespeare was to playwriting. Whether it's Beethoven playing a sonata, or Bach playing a fugue, or TextBoss composing a blog post, one thing is for certain: great genius is at work.

    Thank your lucky stars you've landed on this page ...

    Because now you have a chance to work with the guy they call ...

    The Shakespeare of the Web

    "I don't know how they do it! I think they must have Shakespeare on the payroll..."

    What you don't want to do is hire a writer with retard strength. Retard strength is nature's way of making up for the lack of brains in a particularly stupid individual. While they may be capable of impressive output, their work is useless and almost certainly destructive to your site.

    Search engine success requires brains, not just brawn. You've got to know exactly what you're doing. Boss-built content passes Google muster and makes the reader take action. We fine-tune your content to the sound of success. We measure our success in your satisfaction. Your success is our success.

    Does your writing team suck? Think about how you feel when you watch the All-Star Game. You know you're in for a good time! That's how we want you to feel when you work with Team TextBoss. If you're sick of losing, stop betting on the worst team in the league. If you want to win, put your money on a winning team.

    Have you ever received an article back from a "native English writer", only to find out you can't even decipher it? Did you call in a co-worker to help you figure it out? Maybe you called in everyone for a good laugh. Great content is supposed to be clear, concise, and interesting. An article shouldn't be a brain-busting puzzle. It's unconscionable. You shouldn't pay through the nose for poorly-structured copypasta. Anyone can peddle content. It doesn't take much to put up a shingle. Just be careful you don't get swindled by someone operating offshore. We're a real, Texas-based team. North Texas is the Silicon Valley of the South.

    Ask yourself: "Am I happy with my writing team?" How long does it take for them to deliver? Do they exceed your expectations? Let us change your opinion of outsourcing. We give outsourcing a good name.

    TextBoss can guarantee work that is 100% original, 100% awesome, error-free, and publish-ready. We hate errors. They come in many forms - factual, grammatical, spelling, syntactical, typographical, word choice - and we go through your content with a fine-tooth comb to remove them. We triple-check just to make sure.

    A college-educated, professional writing team will handle your project. An English major will perfect, polish, and proofread it. Research, fact-checking, outlining, writing, editing, and proofreading are all part of the process. We choose the perfect mood, rhythm, speed, style, tone, and voice for your project.

    Great content needs to be clear, concise, and free of error. Spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and typos scream unprofessional. Professional writing is the difference between succeeding with style and epically failing. Your content will be authoritative, awesome, brand-boosting, compelling, engaging, informative, interesting, relevant, powerful, well-researched, well-written, and well-received. It will be written to spec and turned in ahead of schedule.

    If there is a big project you need finished quickly, just let us know, and we'll make it our top priority to get it back to you before your deadline. We know how frustrating it can be to miss a product launch or opening because your copy wasn't delivered fast enough. We have the training, education and experience to turn around content quickly, without ever compromising on quality. Just give us a try once, and you'll immediately see why everyone is raving about TextBoss.

    If you're in a time crunch, you can't afford to take a chance on an unknown writer. If you get back unfixable, unreadable content on the eve of a major launch, you could lose big.

    Our goal is nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

    Our competition-crushing content is extremely well-researched, well-written, and well-received. That's why we've got so much repeat business. Take a ride on the TextBoss Express. Destination: Success.


    Invest in stellar content & copywriting if you want to engage customers and prospects, increase brand awareness, educate the market, acquire new customers, acquire leads, drive sales, improve customer retention/loyalty, increase web traffic, provide thought leadership, kick competitor butt, improve search rankings, engage customers socially, and support SEO. Authority content is a long-term investment. Throwing money away on sub-par content is not a good idea. Paying a slightly higher price for premium content will be more likely to result in long-term profit.

    Sink a ton of money into premium SEO content if you like the sound of free organic traffic, long-term positioning, long-term exposure, increased site exposure, passive income, brand credibility, brand visibility, lead generation, targeted traffic, high ROI, and increased traffic, leads, sales, and conversions. Premium SEO content is the only kind of SEO content right now. Google is getting tougher and tougher. They're extremely sensitive to poor-quality content. They'll punish your site for sub-par content.

    Authority sites are the future of SEO. Authority sites bank hard. Google loves them. Go one step beyond standard authority content. Boss-built authority content is in a league of its own.

    Great content, copywriting, eBook writing, and the more than 1,000+ types of writing we specialize in make us your one-stop source for premium writing. Whatever you need, we can write it - and fast! Click here to order.

    We Do: Articles, Blog posts, Book Summaries, Books/eBooks, Branded Content Distribution, Cartoons, Case Studies, Charts/Graphics, Company News, Competitor Vendor Worksheets, Content Curation, Copywriting, Creative Writing, Customer Magazines/Publications, "Day in the Life of" Posts, Detailed Technology Guides/Implementation Scenarios, Developmental and Copy Editing, Dictionaries, Digests, FAQs, Giveaways, Guides, How-to's, Illustrations/Photos, Infographics, Interviews, Lists, Memes, Microsites, Mind Maps, Online Presentations, Opinion Posts, Original Research, Photo Collages, Pinboards, Podcast/Audio File Scripts, Polls, Predictions, Press Release or News Announcements, Product Brochures/Data Sheets, Proofreading, Q&A Sessions, Quizzes, Quotes, Resources, Reviews, Rewriting, Sales Copy, SEO Content, Slideshows, Social Media Content, Success Stories, Surveys/Studies, Templates, Timelines, Tool Reviews, Video Scripts, Webinar/Webcast Scripts, Website Content, Website Landing Pages, White Papers, & Much, Much More!

    Hi, I'm Taylor G. I've been a professional writer & businessman online since 2000. If you hate your current content writing team like poison and want to get out of the lowest circle of content hell, you've come to the right place. Look, you can waste your money screwin' around with some paper-chasing pen for hire, give thousands of dollars to some piece-of-crap, overpriced copywriter, blow your brains out tryin' to figure out why you wasted $100 bucks on the crappy articles you bought from the illiterate boob on Fiverr, or do what I say and do it now. We know what we're doing here. Look at my website. It's a work of art. Here's the story: Pay us a little, and we get you a lot. Don't worry about the details. We'll take care of business and let you know when to crack open the champagne. Ok, time to move on. Click the order link, pay up, and you're on your way to getting rid of that vermin you call a writer. We're here to help. TextBoss. A Texas writing agency.

    Am I the best copywriter alive? I'm certainly one of the best. Is my content writing team way, way beyond awesome? Of course. What's for certain is that we're way up there with the best of them - and you're not going to get a better deal for the price. I'm done being modest. I've been called a genius by all too many for all too long. But that's not enough for me. I'm a super genius. You need nothing less if you want to make every search engine, every potential email subscriber, and every customer respond to you. Hiring me or hiring someone else is the difference between top-of-the-line text and bottom-of-the-barrel bullfart. Bargain-bin bullfart is going to stink up your site. Our content is designed for search and made for people. Our copywriting is legendary, brand-building, and guaranteed to sell. We offer thousands of types of writing, so there's no need to search hard and long for a specialist service for each type of content you need. We can put out a powerful press release, whip up a Pulitzer Prize-worthy eBook, or hash out a super-duper sales letter. We can write anything - from a 200-word article to a 20,000-word Kindle novella. We can write an in-depth SEO case study or a catchy radio jingle. We can come up with a $100,000 slogan for a couple of bucks. Now that is a freaking bargain. I might be a little arrogant, even a little surly, but nice isn't going to put money in your pocket. I want to sell your stuff, rank your stuff, destroy your competition, and help you monopolize your marketplace. Maybe it's the irascible genius in me, but I'm not satisfied with anything less than 1st place. I'm sick of hardworking people paying good money for bad content. How many times have you ordered a luxury burger, only to have a crap sandwich delivered?

    Watch that you don't get lowballed by a budget writer. If you pay a bad writer for junk content, don't be surprised if Google dumps it in the garbage. Content is meant to be consumed. It is meant to be tasty and nutritious - fun to read and dense with info. Your audience is going to turn up their nose at stinky content. You need a real writing team to come up with premium, five-star content. The first rule of writing is that you write for your audience. Are you trying to get Google to pay attention to your content? Google wants nothing less than the very best. We know big G very well. Smart, high-converting content & copywriting is our forte. We can write for any audience and in any tone. Here we've taken a slightly offbeat, wildly humorous approach. We can match the mood, rhythm, speed, style, tone, and voice to your project. Whether you need as formal as a written test or as informal as a conversation with a family friend or neighbor, we've got you covered. We wear many hats. Enjoy yourself and bookmark our page for easy ordering in the future. We specialize in 1,000+ types of writing, so we can write whatever you need.

    Even a blind squirrel bumps into a nut now and then. This is your chance for premium content at pauper pricing. You won't find a better value anywhere else. Grab that nut!

    Let Us Write
    Your Success Story.

    Chapter 1: You Hire Us

    We'll give you a happy ending!

    I wanna talk to the struggling entrepreneurs out there. I wanna ask you:

    Are you fed up with how much content writing services charge you?

    Are you fed up with how budget writers waste your money?

    Are you concerned, like I am, that the big-budget corporations are endangering entrepreneurs and small business owners online?

    I've got one more question for you, then:

    Are you serious about online success?

    Because if you are, you need to hire someone who's deadly serious about content quality.

    I am deadly serious about content quality.

    I only produce 100% perfect work.

    I'm deadly serious about doing this job the right way. I'm prepared, I'm tested, I'm ready, and I wanna work for you. For the people who say you can't succeed online, I say, "Hell no, we can do it together."​

    What are you waiting for?! Just go ahead and order already! You're looking for a professional writer, aren't you? Procrastination is often a symptom of the fear of failure. Procrastination is holding you back from success. That little devil on your shoulder telling you to waste money on a budget writer or delay your dream of starting the next big thing. You've got to invest in primetime content if you want to make it big! We're here for you. Let us take you to the top! Unlike other content writing agencies, we want to see you succeed with style. When you roll the dice, either you're going to fail, tie, succeed, or succeed with style. If you choose TextBoss, your odds of success go up dramatically!

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    We're better, faster, smarter, and more creative than 99% of the world's writers. Our work is award-winning, creative, and so densely packed with info it will give you a tension headache. Don't worry, though. We can diffuse the tension with a casual, conversational writing style. We can write for any medium, not just the web. If you need a textbook, poem, blog post, Kindle book, academic essay, screenplay, or infomercial script, we can write it! If you need fantastic writing, TextBoss is the only name you need to know. We're the best game in town.

    Hop on board the TextBoss Express, and we'll take a rip-roaring ride to a first-place finish. If you're not first, you're last. Second place is the first loser.

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    Are you ready for writing that is 1,000,000x better than the crappy content you've been throwing money away on? Google is going to flush that crappy content right down the digital toilet. Your audience is going to turn their nose up at it. You've got to have powerful content, or your competition is going to squash you like a bug. Enough garbage is going to get attention from Google, but sooner or later they're going to clean it up. It's ok, though. You're already one step ahead of the game. You've landed on this page. You can do anything with TextBoss in your corner.

    What it comes to content marketing, size matters. Don't be fooled by what you've heard. Quantity is still just as important as quality. You need both to really get Google going. It's ok, though. We don't charge a premium price for premium content. Order as much as you want!

    There's no shame in paying for premium content. Not everyone is great with words. Why deprive your website of what it needs? Our premium content will leave a smile on your face. At TextBoss, we aim to please. Whatever you need, we can do it. We'll get your site back on top again. You need a real writer to get the job done. Someone with speed, skill, stamina, and that special something. Our writing staff is ready to go! We've got the smartest men & women in the Western world. All they care about is making you happy! Just click to order, sit back, and let the magic happen.

    Our writers are experienced at researching and crafting content that satisfies the client's requirements while educating and informing the readers. We also catalogue the niches for each writer, which allows us to partner the client with the writer best suited to their needs. Hiring niche writers also provides a quick turnaround because there is less time for basic research and more time for in-depth research to draft quality content. We go really deep!

    Whether you need us to strip unnecessary words from our prose, caress the sentence structure or just plain bang your needed text into shape, we're the guys and gals for the job. By the time we get done optimizing your content, the search engines will be all over you.

    We'll take care of your content. We'll whip up 100% original, 100% awesome, brand spanking new content or rewrite your existing content to make it 10x better. If you've already got content, we'll go over it from head to toe, massage the readability, and make it titillatingly good. Brand spanking new is a great adjective, isn't it? Spanking brand new content is what we do best. We're meticulous about grammar, style and punctuation. We regularly put out top-flight copy for the biggest names in Internet marketing. When you're writing web copy, you can't just jump straight to the call-to-action. You've gotta ease them into it and make them comfortable. Once you've drawn them in, you can get them to do pretty much whatever you want. In addition to website content, we'll also help ghostwrite book content, compose advertising descriptions and pen technical manuals. No matter what kind of copy you need, we'll be sure to give it a good once-over, then go over it again and again in the proofreading phase. When we put pen to page, you'll fall in love.

    If you've got a big project that you need to get handled fast, you can count on us. We know how frustrating it is when your fingers just won't find the right spot on the keyboard, but we've got the necessary training and experience to make the English language do what we want. Because we're committed to your satisfaction, we'll give you a happy ending every time. No matter the deadline, within reason, if you give us the go-ahead, we'll put it to bed. The Boss'll hook you up with some super-hot content.

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    1. You fill out a form and pay.
    2. You receive your premium content by email.


    We can write anything. When our writers put fingers to keyboard, magic happens. You need a real word wizard, not an amateur magician. You need someone who can make money appear out of thin air, not some dipsh*t with a bad juggling act. You need a super-sorcerer of SEO, not a newbie without a grasp of the craft. We'll work voodoo on your competition, cast a love spell on your audience, and whip up the finest content this country has to offer. Need an eBook, case study, blog post, magazine article, novella, or pre-sell article? I could go on forever. I'm not going to list every type of writing. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

    We're open 24/7. We're open for business all day, every day: 7 24 365 forever.

    We over-deliver. Buy from TextBoss.com...We get extremely high customer satisfaction. We deliver on or before deadline, and we've got an extremely happy clientele. You only need to take a glance at our WSO feedback here.

    We're extremely fast. Superman is a slug compared to us. Clients don't always foresee when they will need content for their blog, website or brochure, so we have writers ready around the clock for our clients. Having writers from both the United States and the United Kingdom gives us an advantage of time. There is a seven-hour time difference between writers on the U.S. West Coast and writers in the U.K. While the writers in the U.S. are enjoying seven hours of sleep, writers in the U.K. are just starting their work day, and when the U.K. writers go to bed, the U.S. writers are still creating content for our clients.

    Time is money for everyone. Our goal is to save you money while helping you make more money. We pride ourselves with a quick turnaround time. This is a full-time career for most of our writers, so they have mastered creating quality content as quickly as possible. In this industry, words-per-hour matter, and our experienced writers use their time very wisely.

    We have mega experience. Learning to write amazing, high-converting content is like playing a musical instrument. Learning what your fingers are supposed to do is just the beginning. Now, some people are born with a talent for it. Take Mozart or TextBoss, for example. Mozart learned to play the piano at the age of three. TextBoss was raking in the dough before he graduated middle school. Still, natural talent doesn't take the place of practice. Whether you're playing a computer keyboard or a musical instrument, you need to have experience on your side. Even the best ball players will tell you experience helped them clinch many a major victory. We're not new to the game. We're a big player in a big league. We'll hit a home run out of the park for you. You'll become our biggest fan. You'll be rooting for Team TextBoss for life! If you're sick of every pee-wee player striking out at the plate, give us a call. Every time I step up to the plate, I hit a freaking home run. Right out of the park! There's a reason they call me the "Babe Ruth of Blogging".

    How fast are we?

    "Now hang onto your fur... we're going to pop into light speed." ―Han Solo

    Our turnaround time is the stuff of legend. We break the freaking sound barrier. Superman wouldn't stand a chance in a race. Think about the fastest stuff in the world. You've got Usain Bolt, a cheetah, a Bugatti Veyron, an IBM supercomputer, a peregrine falcon, the SR-71 Blackbird, the Japanese maglev bullet train, and that one kid in your high school gym class that outran everybody else. That is what we model our turnaround time on.

    How good are we?

    We shouldn't brag. We really shouldn't. Just take a look at what hundreds of Warriors have said about us. Their words are leaping off the page. You get the feeling that they're jumping out of their seats with excitement. These aren't just positive reviews. These are unbelievably positive reviews.

    How smart are we?

    My IQ is higher than Snoop Dogg. My writing team is way up there. Look, we've even come up with a single unifying equation of Internet entrepreneurship. E=mc shared. Entrepreneurship = Money x Content Shared. You can read more about it below.

    We have an All-Star writing team. Many of our writers have a variety of degrees ranging from Journalism to English Literature to Business Administration to Engineering. They are accustomed to fact-based research and use their education to catapult their writing beyond expectations.

    Our writing staff also enjoys creating content. If they didn't enjoy it, they wouldn't be able to write quality content quickly and effectively. Their diverse backgrounds allow us to serve a more diverse clientele. They use their experience to add the infinitesimal details to the content. It's through this experience that the writers create content that identifies the client as an authority in the industry.

    Not every writer craves a bi-line, and our writers are more concerned with the client's satisfaction and the ability to educate and inform the public on the topics they feel so passionately about. This is why many of our writers work so diligently for our clients and have no problem ghostwriting an article or blog to be claimed by the client. It's not always about the recognition to them. Just having their writing used to better the world is good enough for our writers.

    Our writers sleep well at the end of the day, knowing that they did the best job possible for their clients.

    We're a super-sassy bunch here at TextBoss. If your snark-o-meter is getting an off-the-charts reading, that's no accident. But, don't be fooled. We can write in any tone. If you need respectable and serious, we're the best at that, too. We listen to what you need and write accordingly. Part of the beauty of TextBoss is that we've mastered more than 1,000+ types of writing.

    We tailor our writing to your style, so whether the piece is academic, casual or humorous, our writers make it fit you.

    With Grade-A, premium content, Superman-speed turnaround and worldwide experience, we can provide you with the content that your company needs to look its best and draw business. Let's work together to convert website visitors into repeat customers.

    Is TextBoss the Best Ghostwriting Company of All Time?

    Yes. The answer is yes.

    OK, enough 'tooting my own horn' ... You can order here.


    Taking a chance on a dodgy budget writer is like buying a scratch-off lottery ticket: it's generally a waste of time, and definitely a bad investment strategy.

    The good news is that you're no longer prey to the global writing community. You have a choice now - a damn good one! TextBoss is your one-stop, zippy, done-in-a-jiffy, and might I add quite spiffy content machine. Just press the order button and enjoy the ride!

    Garbage isn't going to get you anywhere with Google - or anyone else for that matter. You need premium, primetime content that'll stand up to the competition. You need copywriting that makes your audience swoon, makes them melt, makes them do what you want them to do. We make that magic happen.

    You can count on TextBoss to come through every time - and at a fraction of the cost of what you'd normally pay for premium content. We've got a whip-smart team from the US & UK. You know the British always write good stuff. Whether you need an American writer or a British writer, we've got you covered. From one end of the Atlantic to the other, we've sourced the best people. The very best people. Look, I'm not a pitchman. I'm just laying it out like it is. We're the best. But keep on reading through this thread if you wanna see some bitchin' pitchin'.

    We Do: Ad Copy, Articles, Autoresponder Sequences, Blog Posts, Case Studies, Content Curation, Content Writing, Copywriting, Creative Writing, CVs and Statements, Developmental and Copy Editing, eBooks, Editing Services, Email Copy, Essays, Fact Checking, Fiction Writing, Guides, Kindle eBooks, Landing Pages, Lists, Meta Descriptions, News Pieces, Press Releases, Product Descriptions, Product Pages, Product Reviews, Profiles, Proofreading, Review Articles, Rewriting & Proofreading, SEO Articles, Sales Copy, Sales Letters, Social Media Content, Squeeze Pages, Studies, Scripts, eNewsletters, Website Content, Reports, & Much, Much More!

    Don't be fooled by our name. At TextBoss, there is only one boss: the customer.
    We put 110% into every project we take on.

    Use the custom TextBoss ordering system.
    Our amazing textnology makes ordering easy.

    Click below to begin...


    1. You fill out a form and pay.
    2. You receive your premium content by email.

    Price: 3c Per Word | Turnaround: 1-3 Day Turnaround Time

    I'm not going to telling I'm the best writer on this forum. That much is a given. What I'm going to tell you is that I'm the only writer on this forum.

    I'll whip your brand into shape with my black belt in copywriting. I'm the Bruce Lee of copywriting. I'm the Pai Mei of content. No one can match my writing ability. What you have here is an established copywriting agency at the click of a button. And, we write everything - not just copy. Need an eBook, article bundle, or email marketing campaign? Our all-star team is the best in the business. We can fulfill any type of order you can throw at us. We're miles ahead of the competition. They're in dune buggies trailing far behind and going every which way, and we're in a Ferrari racing full speed ahead toward our mutual success. Hop in and let's take a ride.

    People call me a genius all the time. Genius is a lot more than exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality. I like to school them on the lesser-known aspects of genius, as seen in these quotes:

    "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."
    ― Thomas A. Edison

    "Men give me credit for some genius. All the genius I have lies in this; when I have a subject in hand, I study it profoundly. Day and night it is before me. My mind becomes pervaded with it. Then the effort that I have made is what people are pleased to call the fruit of genius. It is the fruit of labor and thought."
    ― Alexander Hamilton

    "The true genius shudders at incompleteness — imperfection — and usually prefers silence to saying the something which is not everything that should be said."
    ― Edgar Allan Poe, Marginalia

    That kind of mindset is at work in every piece of content we create.

    Quit picking excuses off the bullsh*t tree and hire a real writer. If you're fed up with bullfart, work with us.
    Say goodbye to stinker content and hello to success!

    The Future of Ghostwriting is Here, and It's Name is TextBoss.


    TextBoss is the best thing to happen to writing since Gutenberg dreamed up the printing press. We simplify success for everyone. I'm not gonna brag about how much competitor butt I've kicked, but let's just say I've kicked every single butt.

    Google has been rough on you! Allow us to pop an ice cube in that scalding hot soup Google is serving you. We stay on top of what they want. We know Internet marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and everything else crucial to web success.

    You can scroll down to read almost 300 testimonials posted by Warriors just like you - but that could take awhile!

    We plucked out some testimonial snippets for your convenience:

    "2 thumbs up!"
    "I was totally blown away by the article."
    "I've gotta say, I'm absolutely blown away."
    "Taylor's writing service saved me about 4 weeks of work"
    "I have tried other services but the quality was not as good as the one from Taylor."
    "I've been using Taylor on and off for about 6-8 months now and he always delivers quick and with excellent quality."
    "I consider myself a decent writer and I have a post-graduate degree and only hire writers because I lack the time to write articles myself. But I must confess, the articles Taylor writes are at least one or two levels above my writing level."
    "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all those who focus on high quality writing..."
    "Solid writing for sure! Delivered within hours of ordering the article. Great service! Highly recommended!"
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    "Flawless english and very well written."
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    "Epic content in lightning speed."
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    "He writes very well and the flow of the content is excellent! Quality is top notch."
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    "Wicked fast turn around time, great content and copywriting, amazing work all around."
    "Taylor is a genius. He gets things done quick and with great precision. I highly recommend his services."
    "Always delivers quick and with excellent quality."
    "Super fast turnaround. Great prices."
    "I have never seen such efficient service ever."
    "The review was well researched and touched on all the major points I wanted him to."
    "Taylor delivered outstanding content within a short period of time."
    "Contact Taylor as he is the best!"
    "No grammatical errors and passed Copyscape & Plagiarism checker 100%"
    "Amazing service will be coming back for more!"
    "Very, very impressed."
    "For $0.03 a word, this is some seriously awesome content."
    "Instantly replies to question via email no matter what the time."
    "Well researched and written, as well as a super quick turnaround."
    "The delivery was quick... seriously quick."
    "Amazing work all around."
    "Content, style and grammar are really great."
    "Love the content man! Thanks for everything!"
    "I am very satisfied with my experience and would recommend Taylor"
    "I HAVE to use his service again, it's that good."
    "For the time, service and writing ability I highly rate him and will use him again!"
    "Content you will be proud to put on your site and share."
    "He obviously did his research and has a great writing style!"
    "I will be using Taylor whenever I need outsourcing from now onward."
    "They actually read and executed my special requirements!"
    "Most high end writers charge a little more then he does."
    "He could easily be charging more for this service."
    "Great flow AND humorous."
    "The content is really good! Like a real story!"
    "Excellent writer! Love the quality of the articles."
    "A top notch business attitude"
    "Promptly delivered, well structured and written in an engaging tone."
    "I have tried numerous writers over the years and this is the best quality I have ever received."
    "This is definitely a service I can see myself using again and again."
    "The quality is AMAZING."
    "Now I just have to add in some pictures and hit on the publish button."
    "He was so responsive and friendly throughout the entire process."
    "Have never once had any problems with him."
    "I am picky about who I use, and Taylor came through."
    "Very in-depth and didn't just scratch the surface."
    "Taylor did a great job on my articles!"
    "I couldn't be happier! He is now my go-to guy for having content written."
    "The Quality Is Excellent and the price is very reasonable."
    "Taylor's articles are one of a kind."
    "I finally found someone for my tech blog."
    "TG has my highest recommendation."
    "Grammar, syntax, and spelling were all excellent - no editing needed at all."
    "Visitors are actually reading the content. Taylor really does offer an excellent service..."
    "Really a reliable person with quality and professionalism."
    "Completely impressed. Going to put in another order right now."
    "Would I buy again? Well I am just preparing to place another order, so yeah ;-)"

    There are plenty more where those came from. We can't go on forever, though! Just scroll down all the way to the bottom to read them.

    Team TextBoss has a simple goal: really, really high customer satisfaction.

    "If you work just for money, you'll NEVER make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours."

    Ray Kroc; Founder of McDonald's

    Services Snapshot: Academic Writing, Advertising Copywriting, Article Marketing, Article Spinning, Article Writing, Biographical writing, Blog Post Writing, Business Writing, Case Study Writing, Column Writing, Comedy Writing, Commerce Writing, Commercial Writing, Content Administration, Content Curation, Content Design, Content Development, Content Editing, Content Formatting, Content Management, Content Publishing, Content Scheduling, Content Strategy, Content Writing, Copywriting, Creative Writing, Current Events Writing, Deep Research/Data Aggregation, Developmental and Copy Editing, eBook Writing, Editing Services, Editorial Writing, eNewsletter Writing, Fact-Checking, Fiction Writing, Game Writing, Grant/Proposal Writing, Image Sourcing, Instructional Writing, Joke Writing, Journalistic Writing, Keyword Research, Kindle Writing, Legal Writing, Marketing Material, Newsletter Writing, Non-Fiction Writing, On-Page Optimization, Poetry, Political Writing, Press Release Writing, Product Review Writing, Professional Writing, Report Writing, Research Writing, Resume/Curriculum Vitae Writing, Review Writing, Rewriting & Proofreading, SEO Content Creation, SEO Content Writing, Sales Writing, Scientific/Medical Writing, Screenplay Writing, Scriptwriting, Social Media Writing, Songwriting, Staff Writing, Story Writing, Technical Writing, Transcription, Translation, Website Content Writing, Website Writing, White Paper Writing, etc.

    What We Can Do For You

    Let us electrify your audience with compelling, high-converting custom content. Aren't you sick of that looky-loo? Don't you want to turn him into a loyal customer? Hate that lurker loitering on your digital property? The nerve! Turn him into a lifelong loyal fan with the right writing.

    Sales Slumping? We'll Put the TextBoss Touch on Your Site

    Are sales a little sluggish? Whether you're getting too few visitors to your site or your traffic just isn't converting, it's time to take a look at your marketing strategy. You need the hook that keeps prospects on your site -- and compels them to buy. In the uber-competitive world of e-commerce, great content can give you a serious edge. TextBoss helps you get a leg up on the competition with smart, well-written content that provides value and keeps them coming back for more.

    Smart Shoppers Expect - and Demand - More

    Online shoppers are a savvy bunch. With so many websites competing for their attention -- and their online shopping dollars -- they know they don't have to settle for one-size-fits-all retail experiences. TextBoss can give you the custom content you need to provide your visitors with a shopping experience that creates loyal, satisfied customers.

    Establish Your Company

    Whatever your niche, your site needs informative content to establish your company as a trusted name without coming across as too sales-y. TextBoss can give your online presence the credibility and personality needed to convert prospects into lifelong customers.

    Social-Savvy Content That Gets Them Talking

    With everyone from grade-school kids to grandparents jumping on the social media bandwagon, it's in your best interest to populate your site with content that creates a buzz. Whether you sell vintage clothing or supply industrial clients with equipment, count on TextBoss to provide the content you need to get people talking about your business.

    We Write Awesome Content in Any Niche, Topic, or Format

    Does it seem like everyone's looking but no one is buying? Getting traffic that converts is about more than slapping a few keywords onto your site and calling it a day. You need meaningful content that engages, adds value and turns prospects into customers. Let TextBoss give your visitors what they're looking for with content for any niche, topic or format. Everybody wins!

    A Little Primer on Premium SEO Content

    What is Premium SEO Content?

    In the past, it was common to think that preparing a website for search engines was all about choosing the right keywords. While it's true that keywords play a role, true SEO involves so much more. As writers, developers and content creators, it's time we revolutionize the meaning of the term "SEO content." When search engines raise the bar, we have to raise it even higher.

    Accurate and Authoritative

    You can become an authority in your field by providing information that is accurate. This may seem obvious, but a startling amount of what exists on the Internet isn't based on anything factual. If you are going to create content for your website, it's extremely important that your statements are evidence based.

    Imagine how you would feel if you were searching for information about a chronic health condition and realized the information you were reading was blatantly false. Would you ever return to that website to do research again? Of course you wouldn't. This is why you must maintain a high degree of integrity from day one. Even one mistake can cause you to lose your authority.

    Relevant and Comprehensive

    Relevancy is one of the most important qualities that your content can have. When users are browsing search engine results, they aren't looking for the link that has the wittiest writing. Their looking for something that is relevant to their search. The best way to attract visitors to your site and keep them there is to create content that is relevant and comprehensive.

    If you operate a store that sells fishing gear, for example, having a blog about your favorite holiday pies on the front page might not be in your best interest. A blog about your favorite fish recipes would be much more relevant.

    Focused and Formatted

    If you love to write, you might have the tendency to get a bit long winded. Try to keep in mind that your audience has a short attention span. This doesn't mean you should cut an article short before providing the necessary information, but rather that you should keep your subject matter focused, precise and broken down into easy-to-digest paragraphs with headlines. Research has shown that readers shy away from large walls of text.

    Audience-aware and Informative

    Before you can create amazing SEO content, you will need to be aware of who your audience is and what they are looking for. Imagine the type of person who would shop for your products or services. What questions might they have? What information can you share with them that might make them feel more inspired to make a purchase?

    For example, if you sell art supplies, a few simple instructional articles about how to create basic crafts might get visitors excited to try out a project on their own. This will not only help you sell products but also create authority and thought leadership over time. If you inspire one fun project, users will return to see if you have any more great ideas.

    Well-written and Engaging

    You can stuff an article with helpful facts, but it won't do your audience any good if the writing is so dreary that they can't get past the first paragraph. Premium SEO content needs to be both informative and written in a way that will engage your audience. The best way to achieve this is to hire a professional content writer who can recognize your brand's unique voice, create engaging writing and follow all grammar rules. Remember, authoritative content doesn't have to read like a textbook! In fact, it's better if the writer can make it fun.

    LSI Optimized

    Google's search algorithms are complex and include things like LSI, which links related words together, such as "gun" and "bullet." It basically means that search engines are becoming more intelligent, which indicates that our SEO content must become more intelligent as well. Part of the reason that LSI exists is to remove the old, useless, keyword-stuffed articles from their highly ranked positions in search results. To optimize your content for LSI, it must be well written.

    Appropriate for All Users

    The majority of Internet users access websites on their phones these days, which means that if your content is difficult to navigate on a small screen, you are going to lose the majority of your visitors. Experienced content writers and web designers know how to ensure that your website will be user friendly for both PCs and mobiles.

    Long Form

    While it's true that attention spans are short these days, it doesn't mean that you should shy away from long-form writing. In fact, research has shown that long-form articles can actually create authority and bring a lot of traffic to your website. Long-form guides often provide the user with everything needed in one place.

    For example, if you run a company that sells hair products, a long-form guide on how to safely bleach hair will likely get a lot of shares. When you make a user happy by providing truly useful information, that person is more likely to share your page with friends. That's how you build thought leadership!

    Unique and Plagiarism-free

    It probably seems obvious, but you need unique content if you want your website to make it. You already know not to plagiarize another website, but sometimes this can happen on accident. That's where professional content writers come in. Professionals use checks to ensure the wording of their copy doesn't already appear anywhere on the web. By working with a professional, you can guarantee that everything on your website is unique.

    If you have any questions about creating premium SEO content, please contact TextBoss today. Our experienced, English-speaking writers are ready to create engaging, informative content on any subject you desire. We can't wait to work with you to help your website rise in the ranks.

    What is Great Writing?

    SEO content, copywriting, and every other type of commercial writing has to be flawless. It has to be crisp, clear, organized, data-driven, research-backed, inspiring, educational, persuasive, snappy... You get the idea. We know what it takes to craft unbelievable writing. I could rattle off 100s of adjectives, but you don't have time for me to teach you what prize-winning SEO content or copywriting is. You just need to get it ordered fast so you can start making money right away. We specialize in every type of content - from ten-word product snippets to wordy white papers. We are a one-stop shop for every type of writing, so bookmark our page for easy ordering in the future! If you need a couple of articles, a mammoth eBook, or a short story, we can buzz through it better than anybody else. Every word wizard we have on staff will blow you away with their powerful wordcraft. We're the greatest ghostwriting group in the galaxy, and we make Internet marketing magic. Let us cast a love spell on your audience. Would you rather hire a struggling writer who doesn't speak English as their native language or a fully vetted team with a rock-solid track record of proven success? If you have to think about your answer, let me make it a little clearer...

    If you're broke and desperate enough to take a chance on a budget writer from a country you've never heard of, just remember the old adage: "you get what you pay for." Expect slipshod syntax, god-awful grammar and excruciating English that will make you wince. I wouldn't put a semi-anonymous band of speed typists and hucksters in charge of my content marketing. I don't want to put my name on absolutely abominable articles with more fluff than flow, more "what?" than "whoa!". Heck, I have a talking parakeet and I'd bet on him to orate a better article than most of these jokers.

    What you'll find in the global writing marketplace is a schnutbusting gauntlet of inefficiency and misery that's one long parade of let-downs, put-downs, trickle downs, shutouts, freezeouts, sell-outs, numnuts, nincompoops and nimrods, all making every day as much fun as waxing a flaming Pontiac with your tongue.

    Did you know?

    Did you know that 51.2% of small businesses have crashed and burned by the five-year mark? If you look at the startup category, that number is much, much higher. You'll probably be shocked to learn that 92% of startups have closed up shop by the three-year mark. That's right. Your average startup has just an 8% chance of survival. Is your company sick? I can cure it. Content marketing is an integral part of every business, and I'm the best word doctor there is. I want to take you from $0 to hero. Let us make your bank account healthy again. If your business is on life support, don't give up! Don't pull the plug just yet. Let us work a miracle!

    About Me & My Amazing Service

    What sets me apart from the competition is that I'm qualified, educated, and trained. I can zip through any project with super speed, skill, and smarts. I have a data-gathering team, an editing team, and a writing staff. I have it all. I can turn your rinky-dink website experiment into a booming success. I can transform your ramshackle article archive into a blockbuster blog. Whether you need copy to convince, a blog to build passive income, or a book to break into the publishing world, we can get you off the ground and keep you running. Team TextBoss can't be topped! We're not just making content. We're making history. Hire us to write a chapter for you.

    I'm a whip-smart wordslinger & business extraordinaire. I have a degree in English from an accredited four-year college in the US and years of experience helping businesses like yours to grow. What does that mean? It means I'm qualified. That is more than a lot of people on here can say. Look, there is a big difference between a "typing" service and a "writing" service. Anyone can type, but not everyone can write. I admire their tenacity, though. They come on here and try. They've figured out how to put up an ad, fill up a page, and charge you. But unfortunately, you're just wasting your money if you buy from them. I guaran-damn-tee it. On the other hand, I am trained in reading, writing, editing, fact-checking, citing, and researching. And I'm constantly expanding my skill set too; at the moment, I'm pursuing a degree in journalism, business marketing, and management. I'm not Batman; I'm not here to save the world. I'm just Bossman. What does that mean? It means TextBoss can save your struggling business. It means you have a chance at a blockbuster eBook or a solo ad with an insanely high conversion rate. I know what I'm doing - and I have a small team of US & UK writers that know even more than I do. Hop on board the TextBoss Express and see what it's like to work with a real writing team. Let us hit the highs that other writers just can't reach! Other writers are firecrackers, but we're the fireworks. We're like the 4th of July on steroids.

    Don't be fooled by our name. At TextBoss, there is only one boss: the customer.
    We put 110% into every project we take on.

    Price: 3c Per Word | Turnaround: 1-3 Day Turnaround Time

    Are you fed up with crummy content and clichd copywriting? Is every article you get back absolutely abominable? Turn to TextBoss for writing that will knock your socks off! Once you go Boss, you never go back! Get sales copy, website content, articles, eBooks, & more from the coolest little ghostwriting agency in Texas. We're the final word on words. Check out our reviews!

    Order | Samples | Blog | Learning Library
    Reviews (See 250+ Positive Testimonials from WF. Scroll down to read them!)
    Price Per Word: 3c | Turnaround Time: 1-3 Day Turnaround Time

    Are you sick of working with writers that are
    Why work with writers that can't write? Why pay good money for content that comes back looking worse than three-day-old dog crap? I've seen it a 100 times.

    Do you need amazing writing to stay ahead in Google? Damn skippy you do. Not just yes, but HELL yes. Cut-rate writers just aren't going to cut it.

    News Flash: You Need Better Content!
    You deserve a lot better than rewritten garbage. If your blog, website, or business is floundering because lightweight writers doomed it with good-for-nothing content, then it's high time you took a ride on the TextBoss Express.

    We've come up with a little equation to help you understand what you have to do to be successful.




    E=mc shared
    Entrepreneurship = Money X Content Shared


    At TextBoss, there is one concept, that in a sense, provides a foundation for everything we do. It is an unshakeable belief in the importance of perfection, of making quality not a goal, but a requirement.

    Does the content on your website leave something to be desired? Sure, it may be grammatically correct and factual. Nary a misspelling may be found. What about style, though? If that's missing, you might as well be using the same tired, regurgitated content that's become so pervasive across the web. Your website deserves better, and your prospective customers do too.

    If you're ready to trade in that dull, uninspired content for copy that ignites readers' imaginations and prompts them to take decisive--and, for you, profitable--action, TextBoss is here to help. Whether you're looking to completely overhaul the static content on your website or are in need of engaging, expertly crafted press releases, email newsletters, blog posts, autoresponder sequences or any other type of writing imaginable, we have you covered.

    Indeed, TextBoss can supply you with more than 1,000 types of content. Our primary passion, however, lies in SEO content writing. You read that correctly: We love creating content that's not only informative, engaging, compelling and well-written but that's also designed to play nicely with the major search engines. By "major search engine," of course, we're mostly referring to Google. However, all of the big guys rely on algorithms that assess a site's structure, content and other components to determine when and where it will appear in the search engine results pages, or SERPs. Page one is the place to be, of course, and our premium SEO content writing will help you get there.

    Your One-Stop Ghostwriting Services Shop

    At TextBoss, we specialize in premium content writing services. Unlike many copywriting agencies, we literally do it all. Some companies specialize in static, on-page content. Others limit themselves to crafting press releases, social media blurbs and email newsletters. TextBoss offers all of those services and a whole lot more. Effective marketing relies on producing a broad array of exceptionally written content, so our services can, indeed, help boost your company's success in a big way.

    Content: Why It Matters

    In the early days of the Internet, people were thrilled just to be able to research companies and their goods and services from the comfort of home. Being able to order goods and services through the Internet sweetened the deal even more. Early on, no one worried much about the quality of the content they encountered. The newness of the Internet made users pretty forgiving about such matters.

    My, how things have changed. Think about it: If you arrived on a major site like Amazon and encountered poorly written, misspelling-riddled, uninspired blather, wouldn't you do a double-take before promptly taking your business elsewhere? Over time, companies have slowly but steadily raised the bar in terms of the quality of the content on their websites. Internet users have evolved right along with them. Case in point: the relish with which random Internet users will correct each other's grammar and spelling. Can you get away with having poorly written content anywhere? Not really, so it is well worth it to invest in having top-notch content crafted for you.

    The Curse of Low-Quality Content

    Low-quality content hurts your business in two ways. First, it alienates human visitors. People want to feel confident about the companies they do business with. When a site's content is riddled with misspellings and glaring grammatical errors, people get the impression that the company behind it is inept or simply doesn't care. These days, content that's technically accurate isn't enough. If people aren't drawn in and made to feel excited by what they read, they're likely to seek greener pastures.

    The other way in which low-quality content hurts your business is it can violate Google's rules, which sends it dropping like a rock to the bottom of the SERPs. Even if your content doesn't actually violate Google's rules, if proper, up-to-the-second SEO techniques aren't used, it is unlikely to get you anywhere. Either way, bad content is a major liability.

    How TextBoss Can Help

    Unfortunately, website owners often have much higher opinions of their writing abilities than are actually warranted. Don't feel bad; writing snazzy, exciting content for websites, blogs, social media, print publications and the like doesn't come naturally to most people. If you catch yourself saying it's "good enough," it probably isn't. Why risk it? By hiring TextBoss for your content needs, you can rest assured that every word, every sentence and every completed project is well-written, engaging, unique, compelling and, of course, a blast to read. More to the point, our content helps you achieve your goals, whether they're to increase sales, generate more profits, attract new customers or anything else imaginable.

    Our Content Services

    TextBoss can literally tackle more than 1,000 types of writing. We'd rattle off the whole list, but we'll say this instead: No matter what you need written, we can do it. Like most companies, though, our business tends to fall into four main categories: SEO content writing, copywriting, eBook writing and "Everything Else," which includes the more than 1,000 different types of writing mentioned above.

    We Know What Google Wants

    Anything written for consumption on the Internet should adhere to SEO best practices, so it pays to work with a company that knows what Google wants. We do, and it shows in every piece of online content that we create. Unlike in the past, SEO is about way more than cramming keywords into content. In fact, that strategy will backfire in the form of nonsensical, poorly written content and, more ominously, raising Google's ire. These days, well-executed, SEO friendly content still incorporates keywords, but the real focus is on content that's informative, useful, fresh, unique and fun to read. It's also crafted in a way that makes the most of everything we know about Google's ever-changing algorithms.

    Don't Sell Your Site Short - Contact TextBoss Today

    You've worked hard to build your business and to create an effective online presence. Your content shouldn't be an afterthought. Avoid that unhappy fate by hiring TextBoss to handle all of your content-related needs. We look forward to working with you, so get in touch today!

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    We can write anything you need: press releases, articles, eBooks, product reviews, product comparisons, product descriptions, video scripts, infomercial scripts, blog posts, website content, social media content, white papers, et cetera.


    TEXTBOSS.COM - an awesome, full-service digital ghostwriting agency operating out of Dallas, Texas, specializing in 1,000+ types of writing, from comedy writing to content writing. No job is too big or too small.

    TextBoss is a one-stop shop for any writing need, from a conversion-focused product description to an epic SEO article. Whether you need a super-shareable blog post, a value-packed eBook, or an industry-leading white paper, hire the world's most elite writing force: Team TextBoss. Our operation is based in Silicon Prairie.

    Small Writing Team. Big Results.

    You need truly astounding content, copywriting, and creative writing created by college-educated, U.S. and U.K.-based writers. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Give TextBoss a spin, and see why 2,000+ customers and 50+ writers turned us from a humble startup into the world's best writing agency.


    Hire the world's most elite writing force to create competition-crushing content! We masterfully handcraft content, copywriting, and creative writing. You need phenomenal, educated authors to dish out perfect work - work that will establish you as an authority, increase your ROI, and guarantee a top leadership spot in your niche. Throwing pennies away on drivel from an unqualified typist will get you nowhere. If your mission is to win, and win well, Team TextBoss is your only hope!

    So Simple. So Smart. So TextBoss.

    Price: 3c Per Word. Turnaround Time: Fast!

    We write well - really damn well! And fast too. We can smash out awesome articles, blog posts, eBooks, product reviews, and even screenplays! We're a full-time, fully-fledged ghostwriting group. Our writers are fast, smart, and dedicated. Put your content, copy, and creative writing orders in our hands! Order today!

    Content writing is about skill, speed, and that special something. We do it faster, harder, and better than anyone else. Our pro writers do stellar work across the commercial writing spectrum. We'll race each project 1,000 mph toward completion, with an eye for detail and a laser focus you won't believe. We'll keyword optimize, research, write, edit, and polish to the pinnacle of perfection.

    Thank your lucky stars you've landed on this page ...

    Because now you have a chance to work with the guy they call ...

    The Shakespeare of the Web

    "I don't know how they do it! I think they must have Shakespeare on the payroll..."
    That's right.

    I've also been called:

    "The Article Boss"
    "The King Kong of Copywriting"
    "The Babe Ruth of Blogging"
    "The Mozart of Marketing"
    "The Rembrandt of Responsive Web Design"
    "The Einstein of eBook Writing"

    OK, enough with the accolades ... You can order here.

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    1. You fill out a form and pay.
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    Check out our posts on what makes great SEO content writing and copywriting. We can write anything you need: press releases, articles, eBooks, product reviews, product comparisons, product descriptions, video scripts, infomercial scripts, blog posts, website content, social media content, white papers, et cetera.

    The decision to outsource content to professional SEO writers can be the difference between success and failure online, and it often is. Poorly written articles and text can hurt your business, even sink it. Compelling content, on the other hand, can engage your readers, entice your prospects and boost your sales, conversions and profits. Our content does just that. Employing razor-sharp skills and SEO savvy, our native US and UK writers craft high-quality articles that resonate with audiences and rank well in search. It's simple; you provide the details, we deliver the magic. Whether you're an agency, a corporation or an internet marketer, we can help you gauge online success with compelling optimized content. Consider this a digital handshake.

    Don't hire a writing team; hire the writing team. The professional writers on the TextBoss team come from The United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom & Ireland.

    • A CEO With Real Credentials - I'm no overseas writer with poor pidgin English. I'm a native Texan with an English degree and years of experience in digital marketing.
    • Professional Authors - Hire a pro team you can count on. All our writers are at the very top of their game - there's a reason we have such a high repeat order rate!
    • No Outsourcing - Say goodbye to laughable work from 2 cent writers. Perfection is our first priority and we never outsource.
    • 100% Original - Absolutely no derivative, duplicated, rewritten, software-generated, or spun content.
    • Exclusive Ownership - You retain full, exclusive ownership rights to the content you buy from us.
    • Flawless Grammar/Spelling - Aren't you tired of poor workmanship from unprofessional writers?
    • Competitive Pricing - 3c/word is a steal for the quality you're getting! This is premium content at affordable rates.
    • Quick Turnaround - Get your work in just 1-3 days! Some orders can be completed in as little as a few hours.
    • Easy Ordering - Say goodbye to registration, hassle, and headache. Just fill out a single form and pay.
    • Easy Delivery - We'll send your completed work straight to your email inbox.
    • Breadth & Depth - We can write on any and every subject. Give us a shot!
    • Writing Expertise -We specialize in 1,000+ types of writing (articles, novellas, blog posts, product reviews, press releases, eBooks, and more!)
    • Customer Service - We go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you're happy with writing that fully meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.
    • Excellent Communication - We're responsive, friendly, and helpful.
    • Professional Polish - This is top quality writing you'll be proud to publish. Your content needs to ooze professionalism & quality.
    • Custom Copywriting - Copy that works for YOU to get results and meet your goals.
    • Authority Content - Increase sales and become an authority in your niche.
    • Premium Content - Fill your site with content that can compete with the market leaders.
    • Social Savvy - Engaging and sharable social posts that will spread through your network like a virus!
    • 100% Unique - All work is 100% Copyscape-proof and offers something unique for your readers.
    • Order Today! - Order some copy and see the difference yourself!
    Samples, Samples, Samples!

    Yes, we've got samples. Click here to check out our samples. Alternatively, you can read through a reference book we wrote on web content writing. It's called The Web Content Writer's Manual: A Complete Reference. That should give you a pretty good idea of how proficient we are in our craft.

    Valedictorians and honors graduates, journalism majors and marketing wizards, teachers and professors, and the rest of the best contribute on a regular basis.

    OMG! I'm really sorry. I can't BELIEVE writers are doing this to you ...

    I hate to be the one who breaks it to you, but ...

    I'm not kidding.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    "100% Unique Articles"
    "Ezinearticles Basic Plus Author"
    "The Best Content Company on the Forum"
    "Unlimited Revisions"
    "Free Review Articles"
    "SEO Experts"
    "Copyscape Safe"
    "$2 for 500 Words"
    "Handwritten Articles"
    "Article Packages"
    "Million Dollar Copywriter"
    "Sizzling Hot Sales Copy"
    "50+ Years of Experience"

    Want to know what these words and phrases really mean? They are code for:

    "We are going to outsource your content to the most USELESS writers on Earth and what you receive back from us (late) will be utter GARBAGE that is nothing like you expected. IF we ever send it to you."

    It's sad but true, folks; at least 95% of the time. Just ask the millions who have pulled hair and wasted good money. It doesn't have to be that way, though.

    Let me do you a solid ...

    Allow me to introduce you to—and please excuse me if I sound a little biased here—REAL content developers. I want to save you from the agonizing depths of content hell and spare you your hard-earned dollars.


    TEXTBOSS.COM - an awesome, full-service digital ghostwriting agency operating out of Dallas, Texas, specializing in 1,000+ types of writing, from comedy writing to content writing. No job is too big or too small.

    TextBoss is a one-stop shop for any writing need, from a conversion-focused product description to an epic SEO article. Whether you need a super-shareable blog post, a value-packed eBook, or an industry-leading white paper, hire the world's most elite writing force: Team TextBoss. Our operation is based in Silicon Prairie.

    Google is becoming harder and harder to please, and now, more than ever, publishers are doing their darndest to create captivating content that gets liked, linked to, and shared. You need to keep pace with the big boys, so you have every reason to spend just a tiny bit more on professional writing. If you outsource to a shady-sounding outfit based in a country you've never heard of, you're gambling with your content marketing budget. If you try to save money by buying from a mental midget or tribe of typists from the Third World, you're not going to come close to achieving your goals. Believe me, there are a ton of grubs, scrubs, and schlubs out there, and they're all too happy to take your money without providing anything of real value. Gobbledygook content will get you nowhere. Then, you've got these guys at the other end of the spectrum that think they're god's gift to freelance writing. Because of their "proven copywriting success", "newspaper experience" or "Ivy League degree", they think they can get away with charging an arm and a leg or that their background somehow translates into Internet marketing mastery. I feel bad for you; I really do. As a content buyer, you've had to swing in between the no-talent nobodies and the self-important somebodies.

    Truth be told, most of these bozos don't know the difference between copied writing and copywriting, between pilfering data from Google SERPs and honest-to-goodness research (never mind fact-checking). The global writing marketplace is no place to get lost in. Your business depends on premium content. Penalization, blacklisting, stone-dead search presence, and a damaged reputation are all possible if you source your writing from an unscrupulous content provider.

    Third-rate content from the Third World just isn't going to cut it anymore, and second-rate content isn't going to get you to first place. If your site is a cesspool of cruddy content, your competition is going to crush you on any battlefield: search, social media, market share, mind share, et cetera. If your copy reads like you've just completed a run-of-the-mill course on Internet copywriting, it's not going to engage and motivate to the max. Everyone is sick to death of the same old predictable, template-driven copy. If every article you post to your fancy new WordPress site is an atrocious jumble, characterized by sucky syntax and faulty observation, then you can't really expect any of them to get liked, linked to, and shared. Why would anyone even continue reading an article that was unfit for human consumption? There is a world of difference between piss-poor content dashed off by a pen for hire and premium content carefully crafted by a pro. It is up to you to make the smart choice, the prudent and profitable choice.

    We've received 100s of positive testimonials from customers across the web. Give us a chance and see why we're the best in the biz! Scroll down to read more than 250 positive testimonials from Warrior Forum members just like you!

    If you have a premium service or product, then you need a premium writing service to help you sell it.

    A business can live or die on the quality of its writing, which is why the leading brands on the web choose Text Boss to handle their content; they know that investing in professional copy pays off.

    We hire only the very best writers and take great care and pride in all our work. What's more, we fully grasp the intricacies of your business and know how to help you achieve your specific goals. The end result is the kind of writing that lets you compete with the top players in your niche, perfectly matched to the style and tone of your brand.

    We take our service very seriously. We follow instructions to the letter and we're never late. So if you're interested in working with the most efficient and effective writing agency on the web today, try Text Boss. Give us one chance to impress you and you'll see why we're the fastest growing copywriting agency in the business.

    Taking a chance on a dodgy budget writer is like buying a scratch-off lottery ticket: it's generally a waste of time, and definitely a bad investment strategy. Anyone can open a text editor and spin off crapola all day long, but your audience deserves so much better than crapola. More than that, Google is on the warpath, and it is gunning for unoriginal, doodoo-grade content. Useful premium content is your only option if you want to stay on Big G's good side. An investment in powerful content is going to pay off forever, but throwing money away on gibberish is a dumb business decision. Even if you're broke, don't make it worse by throwing your hard-earned cash away on cheap content. A site with amazing content is a cash cow. And, you can keep milking that baby for a very long time. If you're outsourcing ad copy or narrative fiction, remember that your audience needs to be wooed and wowed with remarkable writing, not punished with underwhelming gibberish. Gibberish won't turn your Amazon affiliate site into a cash cow. Gibberish won't turn your Kindle eBook into a bestseller. You'd be amazed at how much content just isn't worth reading (let alone readable). Link building is as freakin' dead as disco. Instead, focus on creating quality content that attracts links like a magnet. That is what gets Google really hot and heavy. Ratcheting up outbound efforts to acquire links is a risky strategy. What Google is trying to do is nudge webmasters toward top-level text and away from external link building. Truth be told, your website probably needs some textual healing. Let TextBoss give it to you. Once you go Boss, you never go back. Quenching your audience's thirst for quality content is the future of SEO. The more you give, the better you get. What makes Google happy is keeping their user base happy, and Google is going to reward you for helping them do that. Think of it like a win-win-win situation.

    Premium SEO content must be—and please excuse me if I get a little teacherish here—accurate, audience-aware, authoritative, compelling, comprehensive, credible, educational, engaging, entertaining, evidence-based, factual, focused, formatted, fun, helpful, in-depth, informative, interesting, long-form, LSI-optimized, optimized for mobile, optimized for the web, original, plagiarism-free, professional, relevant, structured, thorough, unique, useful, user-centered, valuable, visual, well-researched, and well-written.

    The TextBoss team will deliver content of that caliber. Heck, we know content writing so well, we wrote the book on it! Check out The Web Content Writer's Manual: A Complete Reference on our company website.

    And we don't just churn out amazing SEO content; we can hammer out any kind of writing—and I mean any kind—academic, blog post, business, commercial, eBook, fiction, journalistic, marketing, product review, promotional, script, technical, website, et cetera.

    The bottom line is this: Creating content that your visitors love is what you must do from now on. And you're in luck, because we want to provide you with ridiculously good writing, writing that is engaging, research-backed, and ready to go (no editing needed).

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    Hmm, you want to sample our content, don't you? Okay. Here's a taste:


    Still curious? Check out our own blog to see more samples of their handiwork.


    Tired of Trash Writing? Turn to TextBoss.

    We take great pride in being real content providers rather than automated content brokers. That means we commission only the best in-house writers to develop your content and work with you to create the amazing copy you need. That's how we aim to become a trusted extension of your own business and it's how we've helped many other organizations to reach their goals already. At Textboss, we only employ the most gifted, conscientious, qualified, creative, honest and unique individuals we can find. We're highly passionate about delivering fantastic quality every time and it's that dedication that has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing digital writing agencies on the net. We truly love doing what we do and we work hard to make sure we're the best at doing it.

    What do you do?

    We smash out insanely great articles, content, press releases, reports, eBooks, and more for a diverse clientele. We can write almost anything and specialize in more than 1,000 types of writing - so we know what we're doing. If you're unsure about whether we can come through for you, just drop us a line on Skype at textboss and we'll have a chat about your project.

    How well do you do it?

    When it comes to amazing quality content, we're second to none. We go above and beyond the call of duty and that's why so many clients keep coming back to us! We don't just deliver, we exceed expectations.

    How fast do you do it?

    Ever heard of Speedy Gonzales, the Road Runner, Usain Bolt? Slowpokes. Generally we turn projects around in just 1-3 days but we can often get your order back to you that day if you just let us know ahead of time. If it's a big whammy of a project, it might take a little longer.

    How do I contact you?

    There's no need to go to the trouble if you don't want to. We want to save you time. That's kind of the whole idea behind TextBoss. It's premium writing without all the hassle. It's like going to a McDonald's and getting a premium filet mignon. It's the best of both worlds. Don't listen to anyone who tells you it's not possible to get premium writing quickly and affordably. Ordering is easy, your content will be returned via the email you provide on the order form, and we make sure that the work is awesome the first time - every time. If you need to contact us though, you can reach us by email at info [at] textboss [dot] com or Skype at textboss.

    What's with the name?

    What other name could possibly fit us? We strive to create the best content on the web. We produce ultra-premium, meticulously handcrafted, expertly edited content. It doesn't get any better - especially at the price. Put simply, we boss it every time.

    What do your customers say?

    Our customers absolutely adore our work. Just scroll through this sales thread to read through hundreds of positive reviews.

    Why is your sales page so long?

    We could've just put up an intro, a few samples, and an order link... but where's the fun in that? I update this thread for enjoyment's sake. Why not entertain others and have a good time while you're making money?

    TextBoss is pretty cool. What about business partnerships, advertising, and networking?

    Just Skype me at textboss or send an email to info [at] textboss [dot] com. We'll hash out a deal if you're game.

    What are your qualifications, huh?

    Unlike most other writers on this forum, I have an English degree (from the University of Texas at Dallas). I was a straight-A student and I've since had years of experience in content marketing. All the professional writers on our small team are based in the U.S., with the exception of a handful from the U.K., Canada, and Australia. No one gets on the team unless they're a star player. Everyone we hire is a native English-speaking, professional (and damn good) author.

    What else do you do?

    If you need help on a web development project, SEO campaign, web design idea, or social media marketing blitz, drop us a line. We offer project management, development help, and consulting.

    What do you charge?

    We charge a flat rate of 3 cents per word for all writing. If you take a look at our website, you'll notice that our prices are higher and vary in between content types. However, our special offer price here is just 3 cents per word.

    How do I get my writing?

    We'll email it to you as soon as it's completed. We'll send it to the email address you give us on the order form. There's no need to contact us if you don't want to. It's like I said earlier: we want to save you time, hassle and headache. The writing will be formatted, CopyScape-passed, 100% original, grammatically and syntactically flawless, and ready to use right away.

    Samples, Samples, Samples!

    Yes, we've got samples. Click here to check out our samples. Alternatively, you can read through a reference book we wrote on web content writing. It's called The Web Content Writer's Manual: A Complete Reference. That should give you a pretty good idea of how proficient we are in our craft.

    OK, enough already! How do I order?

    Just click here to order or anywhere else in this thread, and you're good to go. We hope you make the right choice. Our clientele is very happy, we've got hundreds of testimonials to prove it, and our repeat order rate is phenomenal. We look forward to working with you!

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    1. We Use Professional US & UK Writers
    We do not outsource to developing countries or third world sweatshops. Our writers are experienced professionals who were born and bred in either the US or UK. Each and every single one of them reads, writes and speaks fluent English, and most of them have formal backgrounds in writing, communications, advertising and journalism.

    2. We Create Engaging, Captivating Content
    These days, every man and his dog is a writer, but very few can truly engage a reader. It takes a professional to do that, one who understands his audience and topic intimately and knows that it takes more than big words to communicate a message effectively. Our writers do, and our unique writing style is designed to captivate.

    3. We Are Fast & Reliable
    Who wants to wait days, weeks or even months for content? Sadly, that's a tireless trend in this industry. We understand that you have deadlines, so we make it a point to deliver your content rapido. What's more, we never let down a client. 2 days means 2 days and the quality of our content is always the same.

    4. We Can Handle Bulk Orders
    Our typical turnaround for content is 10-15,000 words in 1-3 days, but we are equipped to handle more. We have several fulltime writers and our processes are streamlined and efficient, so we can accommodate the needs of most high-volume clients. This is usually negotiated upfront, of course.

    5. We Have Customer Service
    Don't you just hate arrogant writers? And despite the cutthroat nature of this industry, there still seems to be so many of them around. Don't worry, you'll never have that problem with us. We value our clients and it shows. Plus, you can contact us by phone, email or live chat 24/7. That's right, no playing chase the copywriter!

    6. We Will Save You Money
    Look, we don't write for pennies. Our rates, while fair, tend to lean more towards the heavy side, mainly because we don't hire crappy writers who speak Pidgin English. However, in the interest of continued business, we have created a ridiculously low fixed price especially for members of this forum, and it will remain stable.

    7. We've Got Satisfied Customers
    Not sold on us yet? We don't blame you, everyone's offering the moon and the stars. But don't take our word for it. We have tons of satisfied customers (some from this forum and some not), most of whom are still using us and want to. Take a look at what some of them have said about us.

    8. We Research Your Content
    Unlike most providers, we don't just open up the first page of Google and rewrite whatever is on there. We source information from at least 5 websites, all of which are longstanding, trustworthy and reputable. Once the content reaches the editing phase, it is scrutinized for 100% accuracy.

    9. No Spinning, Scraping Or Plagiarizing
    Speaking of, has it happened to you? You ordered some content from a writer or writing service only to find that they ripped it off? Not only is it disappointing and infuriating, but it can land you in very hot water! Rest assured, that's not one of our practices. We check our content tho-rough-ly - with Copyscape and a keen eye.

    10. Flawless Grammar/Spelling
    How many times have you read a sales page advertising content writing services and it was plagued with bad grammar and careless misspellings? Lol. Yes, it's quite common. Don't get us wrong, we aren't the grammar cops, but that's just silly. Fret not, good grammar comes standard with us. My writers are pros.

    11. 99.9% Typo-Free Content
    Nobody likes an error. It's an eyesore that rhymes with terror. No, really, it reeks of unprofessionalism. That is why we are absolutely anal about delivering work that is polished and free of typographical mistakes. That said, slipups can happen every millennium or so, which is why we say 99.9% and not 100%.

    12. We Search Engine Optimize Content Correctly
    We have seen the Hummingbird, the Panda and the Penguin in action, and we know what Google (and other search engines) does and doesn't like. That's why we use a very safe keyword density (1-2%) and focus on making content read naturally. We also incorporate semantic search terms (LSI) and ‘long-tail' phrases.


    Hi, my name is Taylor. I'm the whiz kid wordsmith behind the wheel of this well-oiled content machine. For those of you who don't know me, let me tell you a little about myself.

    I'm a copywriter based in Dallas, Texas. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Literary Studies Cum Laude from the University of Texas and have been writing high-quality SEO content on this forum since 2010.


    Photo of my Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Texas at Dallas

    Over the last 5 years, I have had the pleasure of writing all types of content for all kinds of warriors, many of whom have been major players in their fields. I have served affiliate marketers, SEOs, bloggers, agencies, small businesses, even other content providers, and I have written on virtually every topic and niche.


    Look, I realize that you have a lot of choices when it comes to content providers and that some of them have fancy-pants sales pages, but even dynamite comes in pretty packages. Save yourself the time, money and aggravation, not to mention the disappointment. Here are two things that make us different.

    1. We Provide The Product That We Advertise
    We produce high-quality content. When you buy from us, you will not have to edit your content repeatedly or rewrite it. It takes our writers a good 30-50 minutes per 500-word piece, so you can bet on finding all your i's dotted and your t's crossed when you receive your order. You get what you pay for.

    2. We're Not After Quick Sales
    We are in this for the long haul. Writing is what we do, and this ain't our first rodeo. My professional writers do this for a living and so do I, so we want to build long-term business relationships that are mutually beneficial. Bagging a few quick sales to pay the rent is not our sales strategy. In other words, you can trust us.

    We are ready to begin working with you and we hope to hear from you soon.

    You want articles? We specialize in 80+ types of articles!





    TEXTBOSS.COM is a full-service digital ghostwriting agency operating out of Dallas, Texas. Give us a chance and see why we're the best in the biz.





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    The. Best. Content. Period.

    Order from us just once. Once you go Boss, you never go back. Any stumblebum scrivener can put up a shingle online and claim Shakespearean flourish and Internet marketing expertise. Why overspend on a self-congratuling charlatan? We deliver affordable, ultra-premium content in record time - every time. Crummy, crappy, keyword-crammed content is what you can expect from our competition. Awesome, ass-kicking article writing is what you can expect from us.

    What do you charge? 3c per word. How do I reach you? Skype us at textboss. Or, if you'd prefer email, email us at info [at] textboss [dot] com. How fast are you? Our turnaround time is just 1-3 days. What do you write? Everything (authority content, eBooks, bulk article writing, ad copy, etc.). You want it, we can do it. Just how good is your writing team? I could brag all day, but just take a look at the 272 positive testimonials from Warrior Forum members (see below).

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    Looking for top quality content or exceptional copywriting services? Well, look no further!

    I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Literary Studies Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Dallas, am a native English speaker and, to top it off, I am also from Texas...

    If you don't know about Texas - the proudest state in the good old US of A - well let me tell you... we talk a lot.

    When you talk a lot you also tend to pick up a ton of information AND you learn to articulate your words and grammar so that people sit up and listen to what you have to say (otherwise we would not get listened to!)

    Instead of taking on the multiple and mundane job offers I have received (to sit in a boring office from 9 to 5 - Monday to Friday?! No thank you!), I have decided to set up a unique and exciting Content Creation business.

    You'll be glad to hear that I am now offering you the chance to use my professional writing services at a price that will put a smile on your face. No longer do you have to put up with inadequate and poorly written articles.

    Let's face it; content created by non-native speakers, or so-called ‘Content Spinning maestros', has been left firmly in the past. Google hates this with a passion and, more than ever, your money sites now need 100% original and top quality articles to stand a chance of keeping their rankings long term (and yes, before you ask, they are 100% Copyscape passed too).

    I can offer you top notch articles with zero grammar and spelling mistakes which you can copy and paste straight onto your money sites without any editing needed. We do not create one article and spin it via Word AI or any other spin software - therefore, you can be sure you're getting premium quality content without any worries about whether or not your article may be penalised by the major search engines.

    Look, I'm not going to bore you with a long & needlessly winding sales thread (they just lose reader's interest & attention way too fast anyway). Instead, I am going to get straight to the point on what I can offer you and how I can enhance your website's online presence.

    I do not offer cheap 500 word articles for $5. I believe firmly in quality and long term rankings. So, if you're looking for low cost articles - that won't stand the test of time - you probably should stop reading right now...

    Oh, you're still here? Ok, in that case, let us proceed...

    I charge 3c per word (yes that will be $15 per 500 word article - although please note that I do offer bulk discounts). My team is a highly trained and regimented unit. We are all native English speakers, possess exceptional grammar, and know how to ‘flow' an article correctly so as to capture your reader's attention and keep them interested in what you have to say.

    So, as you can see, we are well ahead of our competitors straight away.

    We pride ourselves on forming long lasting relationships with our customers. We pour our heart and soul into our article writing services and want you to be fully and completely satisfied with the content we deliver straight to your inbox.

    Here at TextBoss we have heard it all when it comes to complaints by everyday clients, who have had the displeasure of dealing with sub-standard, shoddy writing services who portray themselves as being the ‘be-all and end-all' kings of the writing industry.

    There seems to be a number of recurring problems and issues customers regularly run into, so let's have a brief look at each of them.

    Problem #1:

    Non-Native Writers

    This has to be the #1 gripe with customers. You pay good money and are promised a highly readable and informative piece which comes complete with excellent grammar, spelling and flows really well.

    The reality is more like... badly spelled words, grammar that a 5 year old could improve upon, and an article structure that is in worse shape than a morbidly obese man at a professional boxing match! The vast majority of article writing services make their money through the same old system, which is quite simply: Hire non-natives to write the clients' articles for you, pay them peanuts, get paid by your client and profit! This - in the short term - can no doubt make you a bit of cash but, in time, your reputation will take a battering and you will quickly lose clients.

    These days, people want the maximum quality their money can buy, and that is why it is IMPERATIVE that when they trust you and spend their well-earned money on your services - you must make sure the article delivered is top quality, readable and keeps the reader interested and informed. Articles which contain bad grammar, poor spelling and sub-standard structure simply don't cut it anymore. So make sure your article provider gets this right, at least.

    TextBoss prides itself on delivering 100% native English content - try us and see.

    Problem #2:

    Delays on Delivery

    There's nothing worse than waiting on content so that you can finish off that important project or website. Delivery problems are a common occurrence in this industry. Granted, article writers can be ultra busy at times, but there's no excuse for not delivering work on time.

    If you make a promise, then you better make sure you can stick by it - otherwise customers will lose faith in your abilities AND WORSE your character - a fatal blow if you're trying to establish a name for yourself in this business.

    TextBoss is unique in that when we promise something, we will deliver on that promise EVERY TIME.

    In a lot of cases we can have your article written for you in just a few hours after you have clicked that order button. Our maximum turn-around time is 3 days but we usually deliver your content well before that deadline. One thing is for sure... you will NOT be disappointed with TextBoss.

    Problem #3:

    Exorbitant Pricing Structures

    Picture this scenario - you order an article of 1000 words and pay top dollar for it. You wait a few days and receive your article. You excitedly open up the document in your favourite word processor and quickly your excitement and enthusiasm turn to anger and disappointment. The piece you have shelled out a lot of dollars for is filled with fluff, inaccurate facts and is - to top it off poorly written.

    At TextBoss we feel your pain. That is why we know NEVER to deliver content that is badly written, and certainly never to overcharge for our premium services.

    We charge 3c per word - a steal of a price when you compare us to our competitors!

    Problem #4:

    Low Quality Support

    Even if your content is 1) delivered on time and 2) comes at a fair price you will still feel let down and cheated if the provider is rude, curt and/or unfriendly.

    At TextBoss we pride ourselves on being as helpful as we possibly can. Our staff is always courteous, willing to help and very rarely offline - our customers are the lifeblood of our business.

    We know that without our valued customers, TextBoss would cease to exist - that is why we promise to move mountains to keep you satisfied and fully contented with the services we provide.

    Why not order from us today and see how we can benefit you and your website? We look forward to working with, and hearing from, you.

    So... let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

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    Calling me a freelancer is like calling Rembrandt a decorator, or Miyazaki a cartoonist. In the immortal words of Kanye West, "I am Shakespeare in the flesh."


    In the market for bad writing? Our competition can offer you that. If crap could crap, their content would be that. Want platinum-grade content that Google will be forced to rank first? Choose me. Once you go Boss, you never go back. Gold standard, evergreen, diamond-quality content is all we offer. Want a Pulitzer Prize-worthy eBook? Call the Boss. Want a list article? We'll bust out an authoritative list article that'll generate more buzz than The Ten Commandments. We serve up the crme de la crme of content, copywriting in a class all by itself, and awe-inspiring article writing that make our competition look sadly amateurish by comparison. Bet on a pro team instead. The TextBoss team is a winning machine, and our pro pens have plenty of wins. We offer the very best for less - so hire us. Use the custom TextBoss ordering system. Our amazing textnology makes ordering easy.


    I'm sure you wish every piece of content you ordered came back a masterpiece, and we can make that happen. Our word wizards know what it takes to make magic happen. From designing content that Google will reward, to zeroing in on the message that will get your audience to convert. We create articles, blog posts, press releases and more that will spread and get shared like chicken pox and that will get inside your visitors' heads like a catchy tune. This is a copywriting server that's a cut above the rest; just like your business deserves.

    All our writers are highly experienced and qualified professionals with backgrounds in journalism, English literature and internet marketing and they work their butts off to deliver content that will really add value to your brand. The result is truly outstanding content that will make your site sing and that will inspire trust and loyalty in your visitors.

    Settle for sub-par writing for your business and you'll come across as the village idiot. Quality communication can make all the difference to your success both in the long term and short term. Often you'll find that a way with words can yield immediate results. Give TextBoss a go and prepare to see the difference.


    At the special WSO price of just 3c per word, you can get the best content on the web with full ownership rights - satisfaction guaranteed! All our content is 100% original and written by qualified English graduates in fluid, punchy and persuasive style. We create articles, blog posts and over 1,000 other types of content and love developing long and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Our articles and posts are highly sharable and perfect for social media, SEO and content marketing with proper keyword density (1-2%) and LSI optimization. Thanks to our consistently stellar quality copy that gets results and our superfast TAT, we have thousands of happy clients in over 50 countries and 272 positive testimonials from Warrior Forum members (see below). For writing that is a cut above the competition, with flawless grammar, deep research and an articulate style that will turn your prospects into customers, you can count on TextBoss!

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    TextBoss is the best writing agency in the world. We try to live up to that bold claim in every piece of writing we produce. In fact, you are lucky to have arrived at this page. Be sure to bookmark it! What do we do? To put it simply, we churn out mind-blowing content in record time!


    You need a winning team of writers if you're going to best your competition. If your team performed badly last year, you need to make damn sure you draft an all-star player this year. Well, I'm the Babe Ruth of Blogging, the King Kong of Copywriting, and the Mozart of Marketing. You need a genius to complete your work - not a non-English speaking nobody! Plus, I've got a great team to back me up. Not every writer can say that. Before you even go there... Yes, every player on our all-star team was born and bred in either the US or the UK. And, yes, each one of them is a genius writer in their own special way. Together, we make up the world's most elite writing force: Team TextBoss.


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    We have written across the commercial spectrum. Our clientele has been more than pleased with our attention to detail, stellar writing, and highly professional service - and that is why they order again and again. If you want to establish trust and authority in your niche, then you need amazing content that engages and influences. We can help you with that. Try us out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!




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    Nice and long thread design,Best of luck with your new service,Do you provide any review copy ?
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    Good luck to you on this OP!
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    Good luck with your venture!
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    Trying Taylor's service out... So far the communication has been excellent. He delivered the content (5,000 words) in a day.

    The content was great.

    His writer went above and beyond in researching the topic. But since I'm really picky, I asked him to get his writer to revise the article, which he gladly obliged.
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    Hello OP, I check your thread in Warrior Forum, Looks Great

    Good Luck Your Sales
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    I've got a review copy of 500 words from Taylor.
    I myself have a BST of content writing and what I can say is this is a great article. It was a product review and it came out great. I've changed a few words and that's it. Really fast TAT mainly due to the new service without much orders. The product review came out interesting and entertaining to read. This is what you expect from an english degree holder.
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    Do you have review copy left? In any case Can you please sent me sample on outdoor activity like on camping, hiking, swimming etc . Looking for a high quality long article to be written.
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    Thanks for the great review, Edward!

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    Just send you payment, waiting for result ;)
    Garry Lachman
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    Ulta fast delivery, professional text.

    The result:
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    The sales page is good, but lengthy :)

    I went thorough your samples on the web page, and i am interested in amazon review content for my site. However, the length in the sample is more than 1000 words. I am thinking of having around 300 to 500 words review content, so can you tell me will this be good enough or should i go with 1000 plus words per review.
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    Ordered 500 words:

    Transaction ID: 8TS3xxxxxxxxx8353.
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    Order completed, very quick and very good content, I had him do home apge copy witha difficult niche to write about, I would recomend.
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    Can i see samples please, thanks
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    "Silicon prairie" haha
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    Could you also research and find related images/videos for the article? they don't know have to be royalty free