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    Some of you are aware already that our team is nearly finished with our text captcha system (as well as our web-based Google scraper -- it's looking pretty sweet, let me tell you!!). For those of you who are not, our service is basically a new 'AskMeBot'. Everyone knows that AskMeBot failed miserably with support, uptime, and I wasn't too impressed with their results.

    Therefore - we created our own service! Our system can solve nearly every mathematical text question:

    "What is 5 + 5 / 2 * 3"
    "5 - 2 + 1 / 17 = ?"
    "1234 * 543 / 11 equals what?"

    As well as many many other random text questions, some examples being:

    "What color is the sky?"
    "How many fingers do humans have?"

    We cannot possibly test all possible scenario with the other 'random questions', but we have seen some GREAT results thus far with our tests. Unfortunately, we obviously cannot solve questions that are site-related such as: "What is the name of our site?", "What words are in our logo?", etc.

    Our first deployable version will cost $8/mo for 1 license (which works on 1 IP), and drastically decrease in price the more licenses you purchase. Also, the first version will not have a dashboard system for you to verify our system is actually working (like AskMeBot - they just left you in the dark unfortunately), but the next version in a couple weeks will have a full-fledged dashboard that will allow you to see what questions got sent to our server, and what answer we gave in return .

    We have been live for about 3 days now with GSA SER VIP members and so far every one of the testers has seen an increase in LPM - wonderful! It's now time to get more beta testers from the general public. Sign up to the mailing list below and reply to the first email you get from the mailing list with your email address you are signed up with at admin.banditim.com. If you do not have an account, you can register first at admin.banditim.com/register.php. This mailing list will solely be used for updates regarding the text captcha system. No other promotion or information will be sent out.

    In return for giving you beta access for one month (free of charge) all that I ask is that you leave an honest review in our sales thread when we go live. That's it

    Feel free to ask any questions or leave comments, thanks!

    Contact me to find out how you can implement our API into your software

    Register for beta access here:

    *beta access ends August 21*