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Texas Proxies

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by Clay., Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Clay.


    Aug 12, 2010
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    I need a wide range of Texas proxies the closer to Houston the better and starting with different numbers, these proxies do not have to be fast just fast enough to load a normal web page with just words on the screen, non transparent http, https, socks 4/5 ..... I currently have Hide My Ass Vpn, Vypr Vpn, Private Internet Access Vpn, they give me Austin, Dallas and Houston ip's, I just started paying for 10 shared proxies at BuyProxies.org they gave me a few Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston ..... But I do not have enough ip's from Houston area ..... I have been asking around a lot of paid shared proxy sites and if they have Texas than its always Dallas no Houston locations ..... I have a program that can go thru a list of thousands of proxies and tell me the location by city and state and tell me if they are still alive ..... I have tried sites like the big proxy list and a few others its just that maybe 1% might be from Texas and I ushally end up with no working Texas proxies no matter which list of proxies I find or pay for ..... I live close to Houston and I have At&t dsl ip's that show Houston for location, and I can change my ip every 5 minutes my dsl ip's always start with 108.xxx.xxx.xxx all the x numbers change just not the 108. , a few months ago I got a second dsl line a I had Houston ip's that all started with 99.xxx.xxx.xxx but I turned the service off and lost the 99.xxx.xxx.xxx and I have turned the service back on a few time but never got 99.xxx.xxx.xxx again now if I get a 2nd dsl line it is always the same as my other 108.xxx.xxx.xxx ..... Is there a way for me to share my dsl ip's with others and I can have access to their ip numbers ? ..... Or would it be better for me to try to set up my own server and make my own ip's I don't know much about how I would do this but I could search and read and give it a shot if its the only way.