Testing Different Black Hat Methods Using Already Built Websites Changing Domains When Hit

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    Hi guys, I'm putting some effort into developing affiliate websites - each website I develop requires an investment in content writers. Setting up websites and getting them ready isn't a problem for me, but I'd like to test various things in the terms of SEO, e.g. what would work better in a certain niche - EMD, PMD, Brandable; what linkbuilding tactics will give me the best results, what anchor texts % works the best and so on... I'm not a guy who would set up 5 similar sites in the same niche and try to rank them for sme keywords using different methods to determinate the most important factors in a niche. For me it would be too big investment of money for my current financial situation (need to rebuild my small empire and then with stable money flow I could afford more complex tests).

    So basically my question here is could I build a website on a domain1.com, prepare it totally to be ready if the site would hit top and then start ranking it with a method I'd like to try and if the site would fail for some reason - maybe Google wouldn't let emd/pmd in this particular niche, then could I just copy the website completely, delete it totally and deindex from domain.com and add to a different domain, let's call it newdomain.com ?

    (All sites I build are on Wordpress)

    I'm not asking if it's possible, what I'd like to know is:
    1. The time (approx.) I should wait between backing up the content from domain.com and deleting it and then adding everything to a newdomain.com ?
    2. How should I deindex domain.com from Google so that newdomain.com wouldn't have problems for plagiarism ? I know I could deindex it with WMT but I don't use it on any of my sites and I'd rather avoid it.
    3. Could you recommend any way to do the whole process quick and effortless? I've found some plugins for Wordpress but maybe someone has something better to share?
    4. Does it work for you guys? Have you already tried it and had a success with the same content that was added on that second website or did you face any problems?

    I really appreciate your help guys!
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