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[TEST] Scrapeboard using OCR Live Testing

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by littleg2008, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. littleg2008

    littleg2008 BANNED BANNED

    Dec 3, 2009
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    ok so i am a huge fan of scrapebox and i can really see the vision for scrapeboard.

    Main downside to scrapeboard currently is that if using a captcha service, it costs alot as it uses way more than it should do. So my main focus has been getting the very best out of the OCR (Scrapeboards internal captcha solver - free)

    Ok i am guessing i am not the only one trying this also, as i have seen a few posts in scrapeboard related threads. What i hope to achieve with this thread is to educate scrapeboard users with telling them exactly what settings and what forum templates work best with success for activation.

    I shall start by posting my second go with scrapeboard and OCR.

    I am using 19 private proxies.

    i harvest 19 connections

    I signup using 19 connections

    Ok lets begin.

    Main keyword i used to scrape other keywords was "fitness"

    I stopped it when i had 2500 keywords.

    Next i harvested with google and yahoo with 1000 results per keyword selected.

    Harvester stopped when it reached 33,000 URLs

    Next i removed the duplicated domains.

    Left with 1,055 URLs

    Next i transfered these to forum account creator and started it

    After that i had 7 activated and 2 waiting for email activation.

    Next i posted profile

    After this i am left with 8 successfully create public profiles.

    Not good i know, but i want to work with fellow scrapeboard users to get the very best we can so far out of it with the OCR.

    I dont want this thread to turn into a "why not use XXX software instead"

    I want to learn to make the most of this.

    Any help and other tests that ONLY involve using OCR are greatly encouraged here please. I dont care at all about tests involving external captcha solvers. So please dont post them. I know there much better as i use them also. But this is about OCR
  2. littleg2008

    littleg2008 BANNED BANNED

    Dec 3, 2009
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    ok next test.

    different keyword used "presents"

    Same search settings, but i have custom template with the text set as "Powered By SMF"

    Results are as follows: Remember this is purely using OCR

    1.7k related keywords added

    70k URLs harvested

    10k URLs after removed duplicate domains

    84 signed up

    73 accounts with successful public profiles.

    Time spent on this test from start to finish was 23 minutes
  3. IamTURK

    IamTURK Regular Member

    Jun 5, 2009
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    agree with you i ve bought scrapeboard at beta times, still using. honestly i should say that its just a drembreaker software, i thought it maybe an xrumer. but no chance.
  4. littleg2008

    littleg2008 BANNED BANNED

    Dec 3, 2009
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    4th Test Run.

    Using 19 private proxies, and only OCR again.

    Keyword Used: Weightloss
    Keywords Scraped: 23,450

    URLs Harvested: 247,320

    After Removed Duplicates: 17,477

    Accounts Created: 223

    Accounts with Public Profiles Live: 198

    Time Spent in Whole Process from start to finish - 1 hour 34 minutes

    Will not be posting any further tests / updates to this until people start posting useful stuff back to help this including their own tests / results. No point me wasting my time here.