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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Lordstriker, Jan 23, 2012.

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    I believe some kind of authority is snooping around my listings.
    I have been dealing with fakes for a good few years now, I vet every customer I sell to, perhaps I am paranoid, who knows.

    Anyway someone just purchased a item from me...
    Registered: 2006
    Feedback: 69 all positive as seller/buyer
    Has sold electronics such as phones and screens.
    Has purchased all sorts of branded things...

    Here is the dodgy part, the item they have purchased from me, they had previously purchased the exact some item from another seller in December....that seller is now "no longer registered"

    So I look through the users feedback...
    Ralph Lauren top - User no Longer registered
    Ralph Lauren jumper - User no Longer registered
    Calvin Klein top - User no longer registered
    ---------------- (cant see the item) - User no longer registered, but left the feedback "positive feedback a mistake sellers beware legal action being taken"

    The account name contains the word "clothing"

    Also a few people this guy was sold to are also no longer registered.

    Anyway they are yet to pay for the item, but it is likely I will just do a instant refund.

    Just wanted to know what you guys think...
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    the net
    I suggest you refund him. better to be safe than sorry.