Ten More Things I Learned in Business

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    1. If you open any sort of business as your main bread earner, do not plan on pulling any cash out of it for at least 6 months to a year. If you need to start pulling money within that time period to pay your bills, you are under financed.

    2. In considering any business proposal, always keep in mind what's in it for the other guy. Always make sure that he only gets what he wants if you get what you want. Make sure that it's not a "tails I win, heads I don't lose" type of situation where he can walk away leaving you holding the bag if things go wrong.

    3. No big buyer EVER, I mean EVER opens a conversation by bragging what a big buyer he is. Anyone who opens a conversation by bragging about what a big buyer he is is full of shit.

    4. Never be the low cost leader in anything. That means you're competing against scammers and people who do a half assed job, and even if you attract clients, the clients who demand absolute lowest cost above every other consideration are generally type of people you don't want as clients.

    5. Employees should know exactly enough to do their jobs well, not more. STFU around them and do not let them know things that isn't related to their job because that never helps you but can harm you.

    6. Another thing you should STFU about is that you should never complain about your business problems to anyone outside your family and business partners. No one really gives a shit about your business problems and as Winston Churchill said "Rumors fly around the world, before the Truth gets its pants on".

    7. If you're paying anyone on a %, like a salesman, be suspicious of anyone who asks for cash up front for a reduced % on the back end. At best they have no faith in your business and at worst, you're being scammed.

    8. Never trust anyone who pushes his religion in business matters, like people who put Jesus fish on their business cards.

    9. In fact, do not deal with, and STFU about talking religion and politics in any business conversation, period.

    10. Always under promise and over deliver, not the other way around. Remember, trust once broken is almost never fully restored.
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    the 4 is golden, the other one are pretty good too
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    Very good list ...