TBS Problem - Need Strategic Solution

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    Aug 19, 2010
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    So I had a software created a few months ago using the TBS API, it would take an entire folder of txt files and merge two at a time, spin them together and insert a couple links, I would create a bunch of these every day so manually isn't really an option.

    Perfect to use with SENUKE, AMR ETC..

    This is a great strategy, and I actually planned on selling to some people eventually. However, over a week ago the software I had created stopped working due to TBS API Database connection problems and they are doing nothing to resolve this issue to this point. I have offered a couple of my developers money but they won't even take it as they say the issue is TBS server side.


    I was wondering if you have a strategy that would possibly suit me so in the mean time I can keep creating spun content with links automatically and blasting away while I wait for my software to be operational once again.

    Thanks a lot!