TBS Check vs Copyscape check

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    The Best Spinner comes with a tool to check the uniqueness of your spun article. TBS Check is free when you buy TBS. You have to register with Copyscape and it cost about $0.05 per check.

    I normally spin with the Everyone's Favourite spin function in TBS. That alone would generate good human readable output with 20-35% uniqueness. So i decide to put them on both checks to see if I can get away with not paying for Copyscape.

    I had a piece of 35% unique contents for both check. It passes TBS check but fails Copyscape.

    I don't know and would be interested to know how many % is ok for moneysite, Tier 1 but I figure, if copyscape can detect my duplicate then Google can too if they want to either now or in the future.

    The next test, I use the Auto-Select Synonyms function in TBS. One click of a mouse then 1 minute later I get a 80% unique content. Which passes both TBS and Copyscape. However the output is not very readable e.g. horse clubs -> horse night clubs. But I guess it still would be ok for tier 1 links.

    I heard a lot of good things about spin rewriter. Good if someone can do a similar comparisum of their one click spin.