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    Hello all,

    I live in belgium but i'm an indian citizen . I have an ecommerce store and trying to integrate some decent payment gateways.

    I have a quick question. if i register an account with braintree and link my personal bank account and receive quite few payments through braintree, will i be liable to pay taxes in belgium ? or will tax department track me ? Im bit confused on this part.

    As i'm doing dropshipping, which i feel as a virtual business. I'm not sure if it needs to be registered in belgium.

    Please advise.

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    Ok i'm from The Netherlands so things will be a little different. I would suggest to let them pay to a Paypal account if that is possible. Less tracking of payments in here from local government.

    If that is not an option, you can let them pay to you're bankaccount. There is not someone tracking all those payments 24/7. Even if they would track you, it's not a huge deal... They catch rather big fishes.

    Now if quite a few is over $500 a month it could be a little tricky. Because you are breaking the law and now you are an interesting catch for the tax company/department or whatever that may be called.

    Now you have 2 options. Just call the tax dep and explain. A friend of mine called them where they told him some (big) payments wouldn't be a big problem. Not monthly payments though. He was selling imported scooters parts in large amount.

    Other option: pay the tax by starting a company or whatever thing you need to do

    Don't take the risk. Fines are mostly the amount you earned plus 50% and then you will be watched EVERY payment.

    However this is my experience I hope this may help you
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    Usually you have to pay tax where you live and are physical. So I would ask the tax office in Belgium for advise.