Targeted Social Launch (FB, YouTube)

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    I'm actually doing this for a buddy of mine - so this isn't a big money making venture. But I'm willing to pay someone that can assist me with getting some LEGIT social traffic.

    This could be as simple as having a large social following of your own and posting the link. Or connecting me with someone who can.

    What I have:

    - Facebook Fan Page (ok, but needs work - will accept a quote for that as well) -
    - Short 30 second music video -
    - Full length 4 minute music video -
    (college sports fan song)
    - Article about the making of and a bit of back story (father of 8, most of the video is his family), he's an avid writing and willing to write regular follow up article or content as needed.
    - 3 different social angles to help promote traffic

    What I need:

    - To gain enough social traction (page likes, video views etc) - to help build his portfolio enough to start making some money.
    - Open to all ideas

    As I said above, as this is really just a "good deed" for me. I don't have a huge budget or anything to work with and hoping to get some "community prices" :) but I'm willing to pay for services rendered as needed.