Talking Character Video Articles???


Jun 11, 2010
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Hey everyone, I have a question...

Like almost everybody here, I have thousands of PLR articles
and just about every spinner and rewriter known to man.

However, recently I ran across one of those talking characters on youtube
( like the ones you see on sitepal )
and the character was reciting a plr article.

I thought it was pretty cool so I went out and got everything I needed
to put together the same thing and then I thought I would post a question in
here before I spent hours wasting my time.

Is there actually some type of market for these types of articles?
Would anyone purchase plr talking video articles?

Am I better off just using these types of articles to drive traffic to my
own sites? Or is there a market out there for something like this?

I have already put together quite a few of them but before I do anymore
I thought I would ask for a little advice from the pros who deal with articles everyday.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...
Thanks in advance
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