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Taking Action: Help Me Out

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by pmg09, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. pmg09

    pmg09 Newbie

    Oct 10, 2009
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    Alright everyone, first off let me thank everybody on this forum for their amazing uploads, tools etc.

    So i've spent the past month spending hours everyday building up my BHW tools and learning how to use them properly. At the moment I'm in mixed minds as to how i'm going to approach my first project. The two options I have it narrowed down to are:

    1: Sniper Sites...build loads and hopefully reap the rewards! I have found in my research that nearly every sniper site I came across on the google rankings always came behind the likes of articles etc taking up the top positions. Of course a solution to this would be to create an article(and add back links to it) alongside each sniper site and funnel traffic to the sniper site.
    For the work involved and the fact that this can't really be outsourced I'm not sure if this will be the best way to go.

    The cost of doing this is about 10$ per site. So 50 Sites would be costing me about 500$.

    2. Build a website using 30 or so keywords. Write articles on each keyword and build back links, social bookmark etc. So this is where I would love some good advice from experienced members.

    • I've decided that I will aim for each keyword to have about 2000-3000 searches per month.
    • What would be good competition results that I should look out for on each of my keywords e.g Phrase search < 50,000? etc. I have market samurai so I plan on using that target my keywords, analyze the top 10 etc so any help here would be great.
    • To outsource the 30 quality content articles it will cost me about 300$.
    In a perfect world if all my keywords took position 1 then I'd be looking at like 90,000 or so visitors a month but obviously this is unrealistic. I do plan and having 30 keywords that will at least take the top 5 hopefully not including various LSI keywords etc so perhaps 30,000 visitors would be a good target.

    3. This brings me to point 3. And this would be my link building etc. Thanks to blackhatworld I have gathered some powerful software and I definitely plan to use it! If I go with the option 2 as described above my plan of action will be to spin each quality article using senuke about 15 times. This will give me 450 or so articles that I can use to link back to my website.

    Should I use each of the 15 rewrites to link back to the particular page on my website that I used as the seed article? E.g article is about 'fishing stands'. In ezine resource, should I link directly to Domainname.com/fishingstands or to the top level domain?

    Ok after this process I should have some good backlinks.

    Using tools such as the quick backlink tool from these forums what amount of backlinks would be safe to go for per day or in a month?

    Also, how often should I social bookmark my website? and should I social bookmark each page on the website or just the main homepage.

    The overall tools that plan on using for my project are as follows:

    Market Samurai
    Senuke (for rewrites)
    Quick Backlink Tool
    Blog Commenter
    RSS Submit

    These are all incredibly useful tools if used properly so thats why I started this thread. People that use these tools on their own projects will obviously have an upper hand on most marketers.

    I am aware that sniper sites aim for like less than 7000 phrase competition and that yes I could use that method and find 30 keyword and build the Option 2 website with I'd imagine some great success but when I have the tools as stated above surely I can compete for the top 10 with far higher competition? and this will make finding 30 great keywords a lot easier

    If anybody can take the time to help my out here I will seriously appreciate it! I'd love to hear from people who have either gone with sniper sites or have good experience with researching niches and know what settings I should use in market samurai etc

    Thanks again!:sombrero:
  2. Tiffany50

    Tiffany50 Newbie

    Nov 1, 2009
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    The way I would do this is with a blog - wordpress blog, but that is what I prefer. So I'll just give my recommendations from a blogging standpoint in just a bit.

    As far as with a page on your website, it would be a good idea to have each article link to the corresponding page and keyword on the site. So if you have an article on the site about fishing stands then the article you submit to directories would do good to point to that article on the site containing that keyword. This will give your overall site backlinks and not just the homepage.

    As far as backlinks go I would suggest you choose a small number in the beginning and gradually increase the number of backlinks as time goes on. This will allow you to not look like a spammer and have a natural looking backlinking scheme.

    Social bookmark the home page and every page on the site. Bookmark the individual page the same day you put it up...if you don't put them all up at once. If you do put them all up at once, bookmark each page anyway...one or two a day.

    I use Market Samurai and the settings are as follows...based on your numbers mentioned.
    I only use 3 filters:
    The first is the SEOT - I set the number for that to 80 - this will cause the tool to filter out only the keywords that have at least 80 searches or more per day.
    The second is the PBR - I set the number to that for 15 - this will cause you to have a phrase to broad match of 15% - I don't fully understand what this does, but it was recommended in the 30 day challenge so I do it.
    The third is the SEOC - you will set the number for that to 50,000 - this will allow only the sites with 50,000 or less competitors to appear with the keywords that have at least 80 searches per day.

    Now this is how I would do it if I were using a wordpress blog.

    Why would I use a wordpress blog? Because they are good for search engine business, you get to ping the search engines after each new post causing them to come back for more, plus blogs will keep the google bots happy, and they are so much easier for me to create.

    First - I would set up a RSS feed for the blog at feedburner - this is a big part of my backlink strategy. I will then submit my blogs RSS feed to 5 directories every day...if you have tools for this then you can use that.

    Second - I would set up accounts at mybloglog and blogcatalog so that I can add 5-10 friends from each site every day to get damn near instant traffic.

    Third - I would take the 30 articles and go ahead and post date (set what day and time you want them to go live or be published) them to come out one per day so I would not have to go in and post them manually.

    Fourth - I would take all the articles that I spun and post date those to come out one per day so I would get more life out of the articles...add your resource box too.

    Fifth - I would do this for each post everyday:
    1- ping the search engines after every post, use the maxblogpress ping optimizer plugin for this to cut back on ping spam.
    2- submit that post url to rss directories
    3- bookmark that post url
    4- go in and add friends at mybloglog and blogcatalog
    5- comment on 5 blogs
    6- rinse and repeat everyday.

    So, I hope this will help to get you on a clear path and way to go for getting a plan together. With the tools you have and the knowledge you are armed with, you are well on your way to success.

    Good fortune, keep us updated on the progress of the site.
  3. pmg09

    pmg09 Newbie

    Oct 10, 2009
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    Cheers for the reply, I've decided to go for a static authority website. Using what i've learnt from mark lings affilio blueprint where he uses xsite pro etc and loads of other stuff i've picked up from these forums and other courses I think I will be well on my way.

    One huge downfall I've noticed with the affilio blueprint course is the fact that it doesn't go into any detail whatsoever about judging your competition. It simply advises you to pick 30 keywords with like 1,500 searches or more per month and 'hopefully' rank for a couple of them! I think theres just way to much guesswork by going with that method.

    I've decided on the other hand to make sure I have a strong chance of ranking for every page I add to my website (mainly keywords with 2000+ searches per month) and yes like you suggested I went with less than 50,000 SEOC but I choose phrase search, I've noticed that broad match results don't tend to be very accurate and I've read that a lot of people go with the exact match results. Which one do you recommend?

    I plan on buying an expired domain related to my niche so hopefully I can build up my backlinks quicker without too many risks.

    I will be using the tools I've picked up here to help me rank for them and then add more and more pages (based on increasingly harder to rank for keywords)

    Oh just a quick note on your blogging advice. As far as I know you can get a html to RSS converter that allows you to submit RSS feeds. My main concern for using a wordpress blog is the time and date appearing on my posts. Can you build an authority style blog with each post/article having no post date as I want people to feel like my websites are fresh so that in a years time when someone finds my page they will be none the wiser to the fact my posts were submitted a year previous.

    Thanks again!
  4. mil0x

    mil0x Power Member

    May 27, 2008
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    Somewhere on the net..
    I like your laid out plan, best experience will come with actually doing it and trying new things out. My main concern about this plan is your KW selection, you hope to find 30 kws that get approx. 2-3k searches a month with as little competition 50k phrase? I don't know what niche you're planning on but imo you'd be lucky finding 10 good kws that have this kind of traffic and little competition. As for that competition, with good content, maybe link wheels and a handfull of BL's my experience is that you can usually rank very well for the broad keyword under 300k competition, as we all know relevance and page optimization are the most important for SE's. Looking forward to hear some progress :)
  5. pmg09

    pmg09 Newbie

    Oct 10, 2009
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    Hey there mil0x,

    Finding keywords with less than 50,000 phrase search competition is easier than you might think. What I do is find a good selection of category's that are all related to my niche e.g 5 or 6 if possible and find 5 or so keywords for each. Should make the website more interesting and allow me to easily update them in the future as the website grows in authority.

    I've studied various courses that suggest these sort of numbers or close to them
    e.g the 30 day challenge says 30,000 SOC and 100 searches per day which is at the top end of what I'm aiming for and also the google sniper method revolves around people setting up a whole load of mini sites with each one targeting a keyword that has 1,500 or more searches and less than 7,000 SOC! Also in commission blueprint 2.0 the market samurai video says to aim for less than 100,000 but preferably under 30,000 with the usual 100 searches per day. As you can see if been quite busy researching this and thats what led me to an average of less than 50,000 but Id love to know more about what people think about phrase search and their experience with competition numbers(especially in market samurai). They way I see it is that most people on here have quite an upper hand on white hat marketers so that makes my goal even more achievable.

    Il keep you all updated but for now I'm waiting for a solid expired domain to appear on freshdrop so I can this started!

    Just as an update, all the articles will be original content and I will be using linkwheels, blog commenting on related blogs etc.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2009