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    Oct 5, 2012
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    Most people online are looking for quick fix
    to thier financial problems.
    They are very hard to find, and they don't last.

    Some of them look like long term business, but they
    don't solve the problem of duplication and
    attrition, so after a few weeks, they fizzle.

    The 10K Challenge isn't a quick fix.
    It's more like a dam.
    First you have to divert the river and build the dam.
    That's Phase I where you get set up and learn
    how to promote.

    Next you have to fill the area behind the dam with water.
    That's Phase II where you grow your team, and re-invest
    your profits to increase your earning power.

    Finally, you switch on the turbines, and have a constant
    flow of electricity all your own.
    That's Phase III where you start to take home your
    ever increasing income.

    This income will not go away, because you've taken
    the time to get it right before you started spending.

    Looking for something that's going to be a solution
    for you, for years to come? You just found it.
    Welcome to The 10K Challenge.

    I have never had this much success with any online program
    I have been involved with.
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    Your 10K challenge is building a dam?
    Good luck bro...