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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by shindig, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. shindig

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    Aug 2, 2012
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    So in wordpress when you make a blog post you can add tags, while pages don't have a tag area.

    My question is do tags actually matter to modern day crawlers? I'm writing a new site from scratch and wondering if I should incorporate keyword tags into each page the way wordpress does? Or should I just emphasize the keywords I want to target throughout the text of the article?

    Also I'm trying to merge 2 sites into 1, but I have multiple target audiences, so I'm not sure if I should rank the domain for all of the audiences, or rank difference categories of sub pages for each individual audience....

    Basically I have a site where I post programming projects I'm working on, a blog where I make posts to show progress, and another site with a portfolio.

    The audiences are all over, potentially I want future employers to find my portfolio, I want children app store customers to find my apps/games (each game/project has it's own page, as well as a category of blog posts to follow development), I want people interested in making games/programming/modeling to read my tutorial section, blogs, etc.

    My programming projects thus far are half a dozen android games in various stages of completion, some php scripts, a software tool(pre renders 3d models and creates 2d animated sprite sheets/atlases), some javascripts, and other random stuff.

    The domain I got is just the name of my "studio", which I want to house my projects, but the subpages for each app will be what's linked to from google play, then my tutorials would be targeting people trying to make similar stuff....

    How do you guys do it?